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5th - 7th November 2018 at BITEC Bangna, Bangkok

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SAFETY 2018 offers an exciting scientific program with 5 Plenary sessions, 10 State of Art sessions, over thousands of abstract presentations, remarkable social events and energizing field trips.

Merit Maker

13th World Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion
2nd November 2018, Mueang Surat Thani District, Surat Thani Province


In Thailand, drowning is the number one cause of fatality among children under 15 years of age, and the fatality rate is much higher than those for other causes including infectious and noninfectious diseases.

MERIT MAKER is the Drowning Prevention Strategy of the Government of Thailand. It is delivered at a provincial level under the leadership and supervision of the Ministry of Health.

The strategy was expected to promote the implementation of all child prevention measures continually by multidisciplinary teams, through community participation and the use of local resources.

The Merit Maker strategy comprises 10 elements or key measures for child drowning prevention, i.e. policy, management, information, risky water setting management, child center operations, education, survival swimming training, CPR training, public communications, and research or monitoring/evaluation.

Key Facts

Date: Friday, November 2, 2018 at 8:45 - 5:10 PM.

Location: Mueang Surat Thani District, Surat Thani Province

Registration: Check-in at Tulips 2 Meeting Room, Nipa Garden Hotel on Friday

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  • Free transportation to SEATRAN FERRY will be provided for participants who prefer spending a weekend at Koh Samui.
  • Minimum: 10 participants Maximum: 25 participants

    Contact Person

    1) Regarding accommodation, travel and field trip: safety2018meritmaker@gmail.com

    2) Regarding MERIT MAKER schedule and content: Suchada Gerdmongkolgan Bureau of Non-Communicable Disease, Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand e-mail: jew_suchada@hotmail.com

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    The weather in the months: Rainy Season The daily temperature in November: 24°C (75°F) - 31°C (88°F) For detailed climate information: www.tmd.go.th/en/province.php?id=66

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    There are plenty of things to do and things to see in and around Surat Thani Province, including:



    Koh Samui

    Thailand is known for its beautiful beaches, and Koh Samui is one of the reasons this is so. Being one of Thailand's most popular tourist destinations though, Samui's beaches are no longer as secluded as those of smaller islands. But never fear: some beautiful stretches of sand can still be found with a little help, some busy, some not so much https://www.travelfish.org/location/thailand/southern_thailand/surat_thani/ko_samui



    Koh Phangan

    Although best known for the monthly full moon parties, which attract thousands of travellers from all over the globe, there is a lot more to stunning Koh Pha Ngan than getting trashed and passing out in the powder-soft white sand. https://www.travelfish.org/location/thailand/southern_thailand/surat_thani/ko_pha_ngan

    One Stop Crisis Center (OSCC), Pathumthani Hospital and Donmuang Emergency Home


    On June 29, 1999, the Cabinet issued its resolution to establish service centers in helping children and women affected by violence in every public hospitals in Thailand. With this resolution, November becomes the month for carrying out campaigns to stop and alleviate violence against children and women.

    The Ministry of Public Health accordingly executed the policy and assigned hospitals under its supervision to establish and maintain the service center in helping children and women affected by violence and given the name of “One Stop Crisis Center” or OSCC. OSCC has the roles and responsibilities to help and assist children and women who are affected by violence in a comprehensive manner through multi-sectoral collaboration from within the hospitals and also other agencies. Moreover, OSCC acts as information center and the body to coordinate all efforts from relevant agencies.

    One Stop Crisis Center (OSCC) at Pathumthani Hospital

    Donmuang Emergency Home

    Donmuang Emergency Home offers 24-hour service offering shelters for persons who are in needed. In the other hand, it also gives consultation services for those who do not wish to stay at the shelter through a face-to-face consultation and telephone consultation service. Donmuang Emergency Home is divided into three areas based on characteristics of the members; including,

    Children’s Home: Taking care of children age between two to six years old, who belong to the persons requesting for shelters or rehabilitation; for examples, a mother who is in post-labor period or a mother who is incapable of taking care of her child at the moment.

    Infant Care Center (Jimmy Rosaline Carter Building): A nursery and a shelter for mothers who’d just returned from the hospitals after the labors.

    Education and Vocational Center: Offer around 20 curriculums in sewing, cooking, baking, massaging, computer usage, driving, etc.

    Date of Visiting:

    Sunday, November 4, 2018 at 08:30-16:00


    1. One Stop Crisis Center (OSCC), Pathumthani Hospital, Pathumthani Province

    2. Donmuang Emergency Home, Bangkok

    Number of Participant:

    Minimum of 25 participants and maximum of 50 participants


    Transportation services between Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre and the visiting sites will be provided for the participants.

    Tentative Schedule

    07:00 Depart from Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre
    08:30 Arrive at Pathumthani Hospital
    08:30 - 12:00 Introductory Session on One Stop Crisis Center (OSCC) and site visiting
    12:00 - 13:00 Lunch (at Pathumthani Hospital)
    13:00 Depart from Pathumthani Hospital
    14:00 Arrive at Donmueng Emergency Home
    14:00-16:00 Presentation on “Care for assaulted victims and unintentional pregnant women”
    16:00 Depart to Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre

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    National Disaster Warning Center (NDWC)

    FIELD TRIP: Disaster Warning System
    National Disaster Warning Center (NDWC)
    13th World Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion
    4th November 2018, Bangkok


    Thailand is one of the areas in the Southeast Asia region that have been suffering from several kinds of natural disasters that generate great losses to lives and properties each year. Due to this fact, it is necessary for Thailand to establish the agency that would have the missions to detect natural disaster and provide early warning so that the citizens and every sectors in the community would be aware and prepared for disasters, and finally lead to the reduction of disaster impact. National Disaster Warning Center (NDWC) is established accordingly soon after the Great Tsunami in 2004 and the government realized that early warning is significant and essential in reducing the loss and impact of disasters. NDWC is operating under the supervision of Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM), Ministry of Interior. Now, the center operates for 24 hours and the officers are working in shifts to ensure that citizens would receive warnings anytime devastating disasters might occur and generate impact.

    NDWC has the responsibilities to monitor the occurrences of natural disasters that might have impact to the country; issue early warnings; and issue warnings. NDWC utilizes data of disaster occurrences from sources within the country such as Thai Meteorological Department, Royal Irrigation Department or the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, and the international sources like Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (PTWC), Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA), United States Geological Survey (USGS), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) or the European - Mediterranean and Seismological Center (EMSC), before analyzing these inputs and assess the severity and potential impact. NDMC will act as a center of information sharing, sending alerts and warnings to the citizens, central and local authority, disaster prevention and mitigation units and the mass media through various modes of communication; for examples; Short Message Service (SMS), nationwide television breaking news, hotlines, fax servers, radio stations, e-mail communication, the Government Information Network or warning towers situated all across the countries. As a result, citizens would be prepared before disasters reach them.

    Apart from warning mission, NDWC promotes public education and awareness; support local network development and regularly organize disaster drills/exercises.

    Date of Visiting:

    Sunday, November 4, 2018

    Number of Participant:

    Maximum of 40 participants


    To be updated

    Tentative Programme:

    To be updated

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    Erawan Center Bangkok EMS

    FIELD TRIP: EMS and Pre-Hospital System
    Bangkok Emergency Medical Service Center (Erawan Center)
    13th World Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion
    4th November 2018, Bangkok

    Bangkok Emergency Medical Service Center (Erawan Center) is the organization under the supervision of the Medical Service Department of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA). It serves as the Emergency Call and Dispatch Center of Bangkok, giving advices during the emergency medical operations. The Erawan Center is also the provider of Emergency Medical Service (EMS) in Bangkok having both Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advance Life Support (ALS) Units. Furthermore, it is the central body for EMS coordination, controlling and examining of EMS standard, registering of EMS personnel and ambulance cars in the EMS system and developing EMS network in Bangkok.

    Bangkok EMS system began in 2007 with the collaboration from many organizations including hospitals (both public and private) and the charity foundations. The system divides its responsible areas into nine zones with a chief for each. Nowadays, the Bangkok EMS system has 60 operational units to provide emergency medical services across Bangkok, of which 51 are advance units from the hospitals, eight from charity foundations and one from the Erawan Center itself.

    When there is an emergency call from the 1669 hotline within Bangkok, the Erawan Center will pick up the call, and ask for details of the scenes. Nurses or paramedics will do the triage to assess the severity and dispatch the nearest units to the scene by having the medical director to manage and supervise the operations.

    Bangkok Metropolitan Administration General Hospital is a tertiary hospital, and a chief of zone 2 of Bangkok EMS system. It sets up the Advance Life Support Unit responding to the dispatch from the Erawan Center. Bangkok Metropolitan Administration General Hospital, with its Emergency Room, is ready to provide emergency medical treatments for 24 hours.

    Poh Teck Tung Foundation is the charity foundation for public benefits that was established in 1937. The foundation starts to offer its services to the people in need, offer funeral and burial services and established Huachiew Hospital. Nowadays, the foundation has the Basic Life Support Units and operates based on the telephone and radio communication.

    The participants who are interested in the Bangkok EMS System will have the opportunity to visit these three study sites. The visit to Erawan Center will be a visit to the Emergency Call and Dispatch Center of Bangkok, while the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration General Hospital will bring the participants to study the Advance Life Support Units and take a look at the its Emergency Room. Lastly, the participants will visit the Poh Teck Tung Foundation and its Radio Station, and study the Basic Life Support Units.

    Date of Visiting:

    Sunday, November 4, 2018 at 10:00-12:00

    Number of Participant:

    Maximum of 40 participants


    Transportation services between Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre and the visiting sites will be provided for the participants.

    Tentative Programme:

    To be updated

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