Are Blender Bottles Microwave Safe?

A blender bottle is a plastic mixing cup designed with a secure and tightly sealed lid, typically containing a spiral metal ball made from surgical steel. The blender bottle is very easy to use when you want to mix some ingredients including both wet and dry ones to make a tasty blended drink. Besides, if you want to create smoothies or all kinds of savory and sweet sauces, salad dressings, then blender bottle can help you do it quickly. Therefore, the blender bottle proves to be highly portable and convenient as part of the package especially you are on a mission to get yourself in good shape at the fitness center. Besides, you and your family can also use your blender bottle for many other purposes to take full advantage of its great features. Due to its many advantages, a blender bottle is becoming a popular choice for many people and manufacturers are also introducing many different kinds of models to meet such demand.

As I said, a bottle blender can be used to make a good recipe easily, but how about heating your food in that bottle blender in a microwave at home. However, many of the blender bottle models on the market today claimed to be microwave-safe. So is it truly safe to use them in the microwave? You may see the answer to this topic varies across the Internet. Therefore, it is what I am going to discuss and I would like to share some information on this topic in this article.

As we may all know before that microwaving plastic releases some chemicals called dioxin which can cause cancer if you eat the food containing dioxin. However, that warning is not completely true because plastic does not contain dioxin itself but dioxin is created when plastic is burned. If you use your microwave and do not burn your food, your food is safe from dioxin. Recently researchers find out that there are plasticizers called bisphenol-A (BPA) and phthalates which are substances added to help shape and stabilize plastic.

They may leak and a small amount of these plasticizers may migrate into food. This amount proves to be greater with fatty food such as cheeses and meats than the others. They then regulate all plastic containers coming into contact with food. There is an agency to carry this test. Then manufacturers are required to test their container products to meet this leaking standards and specifications. Through the test data result, then the product is approved for microwave safe use or not.

Only the product passes this test has a microwave-safe icon on its label. The word “microwave safe” means that it is approved to use in a microwave oven. How about products without a microwave-safe label? They may be safe or unsafe just simply because they haven’t been determined or tested yet. However, it is safer to follow the popular belief, check the label to see if your plastic container can be safely used in a microwave. Always remember to ask if your blender bottle is BPA free.

Like I have mentioned, there is no major issue with using a plastic container or blender bottle in a microwave; however, there are a few things you should take into consideration.

Microwave is a very popular household appliance and extremely convenient for every family today. It is a common choice for those who want to heat food over that you have already cooked especially soups, stews, and casseroles. It is quicker and does require minimal cleaning. The key thing to remember is to know which thing you can put into the microwave and which one you cannot. It is best to follow the instruction carefully before using to avoid damaging your microwave with unsuitable items.

Regarding whether to put the blender bottle into your microwave or not, make sure to remove the metal ball inside your blender bottle before putting it in the microwave. Metal is a natural conductor that easily makes electricity flows through it. If you do not want to destroy your microwave, then keep metal items outside of it. Keep in mind that metals and microwaves don’t go together.

Second, blender bottles are designed with sealing lids to avoid spilling. When you put it in the microwave, the liquid inside then becomes extremely hot and a tremendous amount of pressure inside your blender bottle may also rise quite a lot and need to escape somewhere. Due to the unique pressure-seal lids on the bottle, the pressure will not be released until you open it. Then imagine what may happen, the hot liquid will spray and cause burn or injury for you or the lid may pop off like a cork leaving a champagne bottle and spill your food everywhere. So if you do insist on using a blender bottle for in this case, please be extremely careful and you must ensure your safety before opening the lid after heating it in the microwave. You are then not going to experience some potentially dangerous spraying of hot liquids as releasing the top.

How about BPA-free blender bottles? It seems like an obvious choice and it is crucial to know that you don’t need to worry about any potential toxic from heating your plastic blender bottle.

So far, everything all sounds good until now if you know how to use it.

Here is my conclusion on the question of whether Blender Bottles are Microwave Safe.​

Regarding the question of whether blender bottles are microwave safe, the answer is that the choice is yours. It is always essential to prioritize your safety when putting something into the microwave that you’re not pretty sure about what may happen after that. It is probably safer to avoid microwaving that item in such a case. Then there is no need to answer the question of whether blender bottles are microwave safe but rather why you still want to use them in the way which they are not designed for. In my opinion, while you do everything with caution and ensure that you have already removed any metal blender balls or any metal parts of it as well as always slowly, carefully removed the bottle lid, I agree that you should not put your blender bottle inside a microwave at home.

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