Are Kerosene Heaters Safe for Babies?

Parents who have babies are always concerned about a chill in the air because the little ones have to be warm at all times. It’s not just the temperature, but you also want to make sure your baby is in a cozy place where they can enjoy a good sleep.

A chilly temperature can be a discomfort to babies, leading to them waking up during the night. Therefore, to prevent them from having sleepless and cold winter nights, kerosene heaters come in handy. Let’s discuss here if kerosene heaters are safe for babies.

Types of kerosene heaters

When it comes to portable kerosene heaters, you will usually find two types - radiant and convective. Radiant heaters have a rectangle shape and are suitable for small spaces. They come with a wick and a combustion chamber.

These heaters also have reflectors to direct heat at objects or people, and some of them feature electric fans to promote the good flow of warm air. Some radiant heaters have a fuel tank that you can remove to refuel.

On the other hand, convective heaters have a circle shape, and its fuel tank is placed under the combustion chamber and the wick. These heaters are designed to circulate the warm air outward and upward.

They are suitable for large spaces, meaning you should avoid using them in small rooms such as bedrooms. Convective heaters require to be taken away for refueling as they don’t have removable tanks like the radiant heaters.

Whether you are purchasing radiant heaters or convective heaters, both types should have a seal of approval. This seal of approval assures you that the heater was tested and meets the fire safety standards.

Besides, the heater should be battery-operated to avoid using matches and it should also have a safety shutoff device for extinguishing the flame once the appliance is tipped over.

Are kerosene heaters safe for babies?

A well-designed heater doesn’t emit smoke or strong odor when it’s operating. You might find that there is a strong odor from the device when you turn it on or off. This happens when kerosene heaters are running out of fuel, giving you a clear indication to check the fuel gauge often to prevent this from happening.

This is the reason why it’s important to have adequate ventilation and a good source of fresh outside air in your home. Kerosene heaters are safe for babies but ensure that fresh air flows through an open door or window whenever you are using it.

Kerosene heaters are designed to be utilized in specific areas of your home. If you use one designed for large spaces in small rooms, it can be dangerous because it emits carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and sulfur. You need to keep an eye on kerosene heaters if you are using them around babies to ensure they don’t run out of fuel.

Using kerosene heaters safely

If you have a kerosene heater, you’ll have to do regular maintenance. Here are some ways you can do to use it properly:

  • The wick has to be checked every week during the heating season.

  • Make sure that you clean off the dirt.

  • While using it around babies, use 1-K grade kerosene as cloudy or colored kerosene usually gives off smoke and odor.

  • The heaters should be placed several feet away from your baby because these devices have a constant open flame.

  • Flammable materials such as aerosol sprays, kerosene containers, and gasoline should not be in the room.

Parents should be aware that a kerosene heater that is operating can cause serious burns if you touch any part above the open flame. No wonder, most people are preferring kerosene heaters with safety cages intended to keep pets and children at a safe distance.

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