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Why do Boxers Wear Gloves?

If you’re a serious boxing fan, it’s obvious that while watching a match, you may wonder why boxers use gloves instead of fighting bare-fisted.

While the eye-soothing lighting punches boxers throw may take your excitement to a whole new level, it may cause them immense pain or even cause the loosening of the opponent’s jaw bone. That’s where gloves come in handy. They’re used for different reasons including protection and creating exciting boxing matches.

How Do Gloves Protect the Fighters?

The primary reason gloves are used in boxing is to protect the fighters from hand injuries. Hand injuries are very common in combat sports such as boxing, despite glove use. A good way to emphasize just how much gloves protect the hands is by watching a bare-knuckle boxing match.

Bare-knuckle boxing only allows fighters to wrap their wrist and thumb, but not their knuckles. Most fighters break their hands in almost every fight.

The reason the hands get injured during a fight is due to the density of the skull compared to that of the hands. The bones of the hand are small and delicate, allowing us to use our hands and fingers for precise movements, such as writing or catching.

In contrast, the skull's only purpose is to protect and contain one of the most important (and fragile) organs, the brain. Due to the importance of the brain, the skull becomes the hardest bone in our bodies.

Striking another person’s head with our fragile hands results in injured hand bones. Therefore, it’s important for someone training in a combat sport like boxing to wear both hand wraps and gloves.

Preventing Finger Joint Displacement

One of the main functions of boxing gloves is to provide a cushion for the finger joints. Finger joints are most vulnerable to the shock of a punch. The impact point in time of the punch may have a devastating effect causing damage in the knuckles. Gloves here stand as a protection shield that works based on the equal distribution of force.

Protecting Your Opponents

The impact of the force in a moving object is known as momentum. Boxing is all about momentum. Without boxing gloves, the effect of the momentum is much higher and effective than with gloves.

Without gloves the momentum a punch carries may result in heavy damage and bring some misfortunes to opponents. The larger area due to the boxing gloves reduces the impact of the shock. This helps to protect an opponent from any serious injuries.

Reducing Blood Bath

It's a common phenomenon that competitors bleed from the forehead to the nose during a boxing match. Some serious thunderbolt boxing punch can follow through into the bleeding eventually resulting in a blood bath.

Blood loss due to a fight happens more frequently if the boxer doesn’t use boxing gloves. Bare-knuckle boxing reduces the area and drastically increases the force. This results in increased damage that consequently ends in a blood bath between two opponents.

Wrist Support

From a medical perspective, the shock that results from the momentum of a boxing punch may do some serious injury. Protection from that momentum can be given by gloves.

Wrist injuries have a lasting effect and take a longer time to recover. This puts a threat against the career of a boxer. Boxing gloves or wrapping of the hand gives the wrist stability during the shock so the boxer can avoid injuries.

How Safe Is Fighting with Gloves On?

Gloves are a very good way to prevent hand injuries in combat sports. However, fighting with any type of gloves isn’t safe for the fighters. The main reason glove use is unsafe is because of the increased risk of brain damage.

The protection of the hand allows the fighters to swing their hands harder, with more impact, without needing to worry about potential injury. If a fighter can hit harder without breaking their hands, then it makes sense to do so. However, while gloves decrease the risk of a hand injury, they increase the risk of brain injury.

Because fighters can hit harder, the brain is subject to harder punches. It’s true that bigger gloves, such as those used in boxing, can decrease the impact of a punch. However, brain injury is caused by the quick acceleration of the brain, not the impact of the punch. That’s why car crashes can result in brain injury, even if the victim’s head was never hit by anything.

Safety When Boxing

From the viewpoint of a long-lasting career, the use of boxing gloves will have a huge impact on an opponent's safety and provide a secure environment. More use of gloves will ensure there are fewer broken hands and nose bleeding of the boxers. Moreover, there's a lower chance of facial lacerations that take time to heal when gloves are used.

What Age Can You Start Boxing?

Wladimir Klitschko is a Ukrainian boxer who won the world heavyweight championship at more than 38-years old. This is just one of the stories of boxers who’ve made a comeback to the sport and become successful, despite their age.

So, what age can you start boxing? Technically speaking, there’s no age limit for starting boxing, but joining the sport at a later age may become more complex if you look at it from an administrative point of view.

The Minimum Age Limit for Boxing

Since there'll be no physical contact to worry about the head, a person can start by getting familiar with the technical aspects of the sport at any age. Kids who show an interest in this combat sport can start anytime they want before they advance to sparring.

Kids aged 10 can start practicing amateur boxing before they move on to the next level. This is the perfect age for kids to start practicing as they can easily grasp the boxing techniques at an early age. They'll be more likely to become pro boxers and get stuck into the sport.

You also don’t have to worry about your kid being hurt while practicing as they don’t have the power to cause serious injuries to anyone. Moreover, they’ll be categorized with kids of the same size and will be equipped with headgear and gloves to protect them from potential injuries. So, you don’t have to worry yourself too much.

Junior boxing licenses can be given to kids once they turn 15. They’ll then be known as youth boxers once they’re between 17 and 18 years old. Once they’re above the age of 18, any boxing category is open for them to take part in.

The Maximum Age Limit for Boxing

Amateur boxing has more specific rules compared to professional boxing. The later works on discretion where boxing officials will clear you to participate in boxing based on several factors such as your medical history.

For your application to be approved by the board, it’ll be necessary to prove that you’re fit to be a professional boxer. Whereas the board won’t take your age into account, it’s obvious that an unfit and overweight 20-year old will find it quite difficult to find a boxing license than a 38-year old whose fit and healthy.

Therefore, professional boxing doesn’t have any age limit, as is the case with amateur boxing. The International Boxing Association (AIBA) set the age for men and women at the Olympic Games from 34 to 40-years-old.

This means that people aged 30-years and above who wonder if they still have enough time to join the sport and become pro boxers have more than enough time. They can join a local gym and test themselves to see how good they are. That should be a starting point to a possibly successful career.

Popular Boxers Successful above Thirty-Years

The fact that Muhammad Ali regained the heavyweight title from George Foreman at the age of 32 was quite a shock to many. This suggested that it was somewhat unusual for a boxer to thrive past the age of 30.

There have been many heavyweight champions before and after Ali who’ve gone to become successful above 30 and 40-years. Floyd Mayweather Jr. is an undeniable proof of being a successful pro boxer after 40-years.

Start Boxing Now

From the above, it’s evident that there’s no age limit for one to start boxing. Age will only hold you back when you want to participate in competitive boxing. That’s why it’s best to start getting fit now and have your goals straight. You can discuss your goals with a boxing trainer so that they can point you in the right direction.

Is Mamaroo Safe for Newborns?

There is nothing babies love more than bouncing and swaying, and Mamaroo provides exactly that. It’s designed for babies who weigh up to 25 pounds or until they can sit up on their own.

Mamaroo is comprised of five various motion settings that you can adjust to control movements. It soothes and comforts babies, they can sleep in them, and they can stare and play with the attached toy mobile. Here is what you need to know about Mamaroo and its safety for newborns.

Small footprint

One of the many reasons why mothers love Mamaroo is the fact that it is small in size. This is a suitable newborn swing if you have limited space in your home. Many other swings available on the market need a huge amount of space, making it inconvenient for people who have small spaces in their house.

Because the Mamaroo baby swing has a small base size and low profile, it’s easy for you to place it in storage or on a corner when it’s not in use. If you live in an apartment or you like minimalist lifestyle, probably this swing is the best one for you and your baby.

The Mamaroo also provides convenience when it comes to weight. This is especially true if you live in a home with more than one story. It’s lightweight so that you can move the swing from one place to another without any problem. If your baby relies on Mamaroo for sleep, you can move it upstairs during bedtime and downstairs when it’s daytime.

The soothing device

Mamaroo was designed to imitate the natural bouncing and swaying of parents. It has movements similar to a gentle motion from one side to the other. The swing features 5 different motion settings ideal for soothing your baby.

You can adjust the speed of the swing so that your baby gets used to the swing after taking them away from your body. Even better, the Mamaroo comes with a built-in MP3 plugin to enable you to play soothing songs for your little one.

Is the Mamaroo safe for newborns?

Safety is the number one priority for Mamaroo. It has a three-point harness to keep your newborn strapped. There are also extra accessories that give more safety such as the infant insert to provide support to your baby’s head and body.

The 4moms who are manufacturers of Mamaroo advise parents to use this swing on babies who are between 5 pounds and 25 pounds. It should not be used on little ones who can sit up unassisted or babies who try to climb out.

Many doctors and nurses are convinced that Mamaroo is effective and safe for babies. No wonder, this swing is available in various hospitals to soothe sick babies.

Mamaroo comes with a seat that reclines to 47 degrees. This helps you to adjust it to a suitable position ideal for your newborn. With a toy mobile and removable and reversible toy balls included, it provides your baby some objects to stare at or play with. If you find that the toy mobile is inconvenient for your infant, you can move it out of the way or remove it entirely from the Mamaroo baby swing.

4moms mamaRoo 4 Baby Swing

4moms mamaRoo 4 Baby Swing has a seat that bounces up and down and it also sways from one side to the other to imitate what the parents do when soothing their babies. It has 5 different motion settings, such as a car ride and five unique different speeds. This swing comes with built-in sounds or you can choose to connect it to your MP3 player to get your favorite music.

It has a seat that reclines to various positions to enable your little one lie on their back while relaxing or sit up and play with the toy mobile. The overhead toy mobile comes with interactive and reversible toy balls to keep your baby’s attention with its sound. Infants also love to stare at the reflective mirror ball, ensuring that they have something to keep them busy.

The swing is Bluetooth enabled to help you control its motions, speed, sound, and volume from any smart device that is compatible without interrupting your newborn.

If you are looking for a newborn seat to comfort, entertain, and soothe your baby, then 4moms mamaRoo 4 Baby Swing is the best option for you. It has machine-washable seat fabric to make it easy for you to clean it. It has an AC adaptor, therefore, you don’t need batteries to operate it. The swing is ideal for newborns from birth up to 25 pounds or when the little ones can sit up on their own.


  • Babies love this swing as it soothes, comfort, and entertain them.

  • The swing has great design and smooth motions to enable little ones to sleep.

  • It has 5 different motion settings.

  • It comes with a toy mobile to keep your baby busy playing.


  • It might look pricey to some but the quality makes up for the money you spend.

Are Kerosene Heaters Safe for Babies?

Parents who have babies are always concerned about a chill in the air because the little ones have to be warm at all times. It’s not just the temperature, but you also want to make sure your baby is in a cozy place where they can enjoy a good sleep.

A chilly temperature can be a discomfort to babies, leading to them waking up during the night. Therefore, to prevent them from having sleepless and cold winter nights, kerosene heaters come in handy. Let’s discuss here if kerosene heaters are safe for babies.

Types of kerosene heaters

When it comes to portable kerosene heaters, you will usually find two types - radiant and convective. Radiant heaters have a rectangle shape and are suitable for small spaces. They come with a wick and a combustion chamber.

These heaters also have reflectors to direct heat at objects or people, and some of them feature electric fans to promote the good flow of warm air. Some radiant heaters have a fuel tank that you can remove to refuel.

On the other hand, convective heaters have a circle shape, and its fuel tank is placed under the combustion chamber and the wick. These heaters are designed to circulate the warm air outward and upward.

They are suitable for large spaces, meaning you should avoid using them in small rooms such as bedrooms. Convective heaters require to be taken away for refueling as they don’t have removable tanks like the radiant heaters.

Whether you are purchasing radiant heaters or convective heaters, both types should have a seal of approval. This seal of approval assures you that the heater was tested and meets the fire safety standards.

Besides, the heater should be battery-operated to avoid using matches and it should also have a safety shutoff device for extinguishing the flame once the appliance is tipped over.

Are kerosene heaters safe for babies?

A well-designed heater doesn’t emit smoke or strong odor when it’s operating. You might find that there is a strong odor from the device when you turn it on or off. This happens when kerosene heaters are running out of fuel, giving you a clear indication to check the fuel gauge often to prevent this from happening.

This is the reason why it’s important to have adequate ventilation and a good source of fresh outside air in your home. Kerosene heaters are safe for babies but ensure that fresh air flows through an open door or window whenever you are using it.

Kerosene heaters are designed to be utilized in specific areas of your home. If you use one designed for large spaces in small rooms, it can be dangerous because it emits carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and sulfur. You need to keep an eye on kerosene heaters if you are using them around babies to ensure they don’t run out of fuel.

Using kerosene heaters safely

If you have a kerosene heater, you’ll have to do regular maintenance. Here are some ways you can do to use it properly:

  • The wick has to be checked every week during the heating season.

  • Make sure that you clean off the dirt.

  • While using it around babies, use 1-K grade kerosene as cloudy or colored kerosene usually gives off smoke and odor.

  • The heaters should be placed several feet away from your baby because these devices have a constant open flame.

  • Flammable materials such as aerosol sprays, kerosene containers, and gasoline should not be in the room.

Parents should be aware that a kerosene heater that is operating can cause serious burns if you touch any part above the open flame. No wonder, most people are preferring kerosene heaters with safety cages intended to keep pets and children at a safe distance.

The Best Baby Safe Floor Cleaner

Parents start getting wary when their precious babies reach the crawling stage. As a parent, you have to make sure that the floors in the house are always clean. You should vacuum and wipe floors more often, especially when made of tiles. Luckily, there are many baby safe floor cleaners available that clean and disinfect floors safely to get rid of bacteria.

What happens when you don't use baby-safe floor cleaner?

When using traditional floor cleaners, you should know that while you have sterilized your floors, you might have also placed your baby's health at risk. The harsh ingredients in these floor cleaners can remove stains and kill germs, but these also affect your child's health in a number of ways including:

  • Airway irritation

  • Allergies

  • Eczema

  • Eye irritation

  • Poisoning

  • Other unknown health effects

You should learn to perform safety tests on products you use every day. The chemical ingredients in many products can cause harm to every member of the household, with special emphasis on babies and children. Therefore, you should start avoiding or reducing the use of floor cleaners that contain harsh chemicals. Instead, use baby-safe floor cleaners for the task.

Make your own baby-safe floor cleaners

When your little one starts crawling or walking, he will come in contact with floors frequently. So you must make sure that your floors are always clean. The good news is that you can have spotless, child-safe floors by using cleaning remedies at home. The required ingredients are already right there in your home!


To get better effects when cleaning with water, make sure it's warm. Water is your greatest friend when dealing with stains, microbes, bacteria, dust, and more. To soften those stains on your carpets or floors, use warm water. This allows you to rub or mop more effectively and smoothly.


Although this kitchen denizen possesses a strong odor, it's a natural disinfectant which works wonders on floors. Here's a simple cleaning solution to minimize the smell of vinegar:

  • Make a mixture of vinegar and hot water with a 1:2 ratio.

  • Add a few drops of essential oil to the mixture until the smell improves.

One great thing about making the solution is that you can make adjustments to the strength depending on how dirty your floor is.

Baking Soda.

This wonder kitchen helper is a basic baking ingredient but has many other uses as well. It's a perfect ingredient for many homemade remedies too. For one, it's good for cleaning and removing odors.

Most homemade cleaning solutions contain water, vinegar, and baking soda. Aside from boosting the cleaning effect of water in the solution, baking soda also suppresses the unpleasant odor of vinegar.

Baby-safe floor cleaners are an excellent option too!

If you don't have the time to make such homemade remedies or experiment with them, you can always go for baby-safe floor cleaners. Opt for those with high concentrations of natural oils and organic ingredients. Compared to the usual cleaners found in stores, these are a lot milder and less aggressive. More importantly, they won't harm you or your kids.

Baby-safe floor cleaner suggestions for you

Now that you know more about baby-safe floor cleaners and why you need one, it's time to start looking for the best product. Here are some suggestions for you:

1. Babyganics Floor Cleaner Concentrate

This baby-safe floor cleaner is a must-have if you have a little explorer who either crawls or walks all over your floor. This product works hard to sanitize surfaces while being completely safe for your little one. You can use it on vinyl, laminate, porcelain, tile, sealed hardwood, and even carpets.

This gentle cleaner is of plant-based ingredients. It's safe for the area you plan to clean and for your child who will walk on the clean floor. This floor cleaner is dermatologist and pediatrician tested. It doesn't contain artificial dyes or fragrances, parabens, and any other harsh components.


  • Fragrance-free and doesn't contain any phthalates, parabens or sulfates.
  • The cleaning power of this floor cleaner comes from plants and you can use it on different surfaces.
  • You can also use this floor cleaner to clean your carpets.


  • Some say that it may leave a film or residue after cleaning.

2. Bean & Lily Floor Cleaner

This is a powerful floor cleaner that leaves any floor surface clean and safe. You can use it on different surfaces like rubber, tile, wood, ceramic, laminate, cork, stone, and vinyl floors. It's pH neutral making it safe for the planet and for all living things.

The manufacturing process of this floor cleaner doesn't involve animal testing. It's effective, natural, and it has a gentle scent that you or your little one won't find harsh or offensive. If you need a floor cleaner that won't harm your baby, this is an excellent option.


  • This floor cleaner is pH neutral and completely safe for babies, pets, and our planet.
  • A plant-based floor cleaner that you can use for different types of floors.
  • It has a pleasing, gentle smell that isn't offensive or harsh.


  • It might not be suitable for polished concrete or marble floors.

3. Aunt Fannies Vinegar Wash Floor Cleaner

You only need a small amount of this floor cleaner to effectively free your floors from grime, dirt, and grease. This is a non-toxic, all-natural cleaner that's safe for babies because it doesn't contain any toxic fumes or harsh chemicals. Also, it doesn't leave any residue after cleaning.

With this floor cleaner, you don't have to rinse your floor. It's so safe that the Environmental Working Group awarded this product with the highest rating for health and safety for cleaning products. Talk about an award-winning floor cleaner!


  • It's safe for babies, children, and even pets.
  • You can use this on sealed floors like bamboo, laminate, vinyl, ceramic tile, and hardwood.
  • This product received an award for getting the highest rating for health and safety for cleaning products from the Environmental Working Group.


  • Some customers don't appreciate the scent.


Aside from homemade remedies you can make to keep their floors clean, we have also given you a few suggestions of the best baby-safe floor cleaners in the market now. All of the information and suggestions can help you make the best choice in terms of what to use for cleaning your floors safely and effectively.

Oven Safe Plastic Wrap

Those who use ovens for cooking a lot might have stumbled upon recipes that require using plastic wrap to cover food and then using aluminum foil on top of it before placing the food inside the oven. For these recipes, you may have wondered - won't the plastic melt?

Professional chefs and cooks use oven-safe plastic wrap regularly to maintain the moisture of the food they cook in the oven. But you can't use just any kind of plastic wrap for this purpose. Let’s explore it further.

Can you put plastic wrap in the oven?​

Using plastic wrap in the oven isn't as uncommon as you may think. Restaurant chefs and cooks do this all the time, but they make sure that the plastic wrap doesn't come in contact with the food. You can use oven-safe plastic wrap as a sealant for when you're baking dishes in the oven - and you would cover this with a layer of foil.

The double-layering method prevents the plastic wrap from melting while locking in moisture and flavor. The presence of the plastic generates steam while the foil acts as a shield for the plastic. So if you encounter a recipe that requires this method, make sure you have the proper kind of plastic wrap for it.

Oven-safe plastic wrap

The term "plastic wrap" is a general one used to refer to various kinds of materials. There are plastic wraps for industrial purposes, food-grade plastic wraps, and more. Plastic wraps used for food are also known as saran wrap, cling film, and food wrap. These refer to a thin film of plastic used to seal food items within containers.

While there are several kinds and brands of plastic wrap available, you must choose oven-safe plastic wrap if you also want to use this for when you need to bake dishes in the oven. Choose high-quality products that you can use for this purpose. Otherwise, you might end up with melted plastic on your food!

What temperature does plastic wrap melt?

According to Robert L Wolke, a chemistry professor, most types of plastic wraps can withstand temperatures below 220° and 250°. Beyond these temperatures, you can expect your plastic wrap to melt. The melting point of plastic wrap depends on the quality and the manufacturer.

Even if the double-layering method is frequently used by professionals, this might make you uneasy. To make sure, you may want to contact the manufacturer of the plastic wrap you've chosen to ask about the melting point. That way, you know the safe temperatures where you can use your plastic wrap.

Oven-safe plastic wrap suggestions for you

Now that you know more about oven-safe plastic wrap and at what temperature does plastic wrap melt, it's time to start looking for the best product. Here are some suggestions for you:

1. Glad Press'n Seal Plastic Food Wrap

This high-quality oven-safe plastic wrap effectively protects food with an airtight and leak-proof seal. You can use it for storing leftovers to keep them protected and fresh. The Glad Press'n Seal Plastic Food Wrap is a versatile product that attaches and seals tightly onto different kinds of surfaces like wood, paper, metal, plastic, and more.

Once you apply pressure, this activates the one-of-a-kind Griptex technology in order to seal itself. This BPA-free plastic cover allows you to create bags for food storage in customized shapes or even pack individual portions. It's also very convenient because of its simplicity and ease-of-use


  • You can use this versatile plastic wrap on containers with different shapes for storing, heating, freezing, and stacking.
  • Seals tightly over different surfaces to make them spill-free and leak-proof.
  • Microwave-safe, BPA-free, and the box includes a built-in cutter.


  • Some claim that it leaves a sticky film after use.

2. Stretch-Tite Premium Food Wrap with Titecut Slide Cutter

The Stretch-Tite Premium Food Wrap with Titecut Slide Cutter keeps food fresh while sealing in the flavor. This is a premium-quality plastic wrap that comes in a convenient, compact box. With it, you don't have to wonder can you put plastic wrap in the oven. It's oven-safe, microwave-safe, and you can use it in different ways.

The quality of this plastic wrap allows you to use it for more than food-related purposes. You can also use it for wrapping other items. The plastic cover firmly bonds to various surfaces allowing you to keep those items protected.


  • High-quality plastic wrap that offers better performance.
  • Stretches well to seal different kinds of containers.
  • Comes in a reliable and sturdy packaging to keep the roll of plastic wrap clean and safe.


  • The new packaging makes it difficult to use.

3. Freeze-Tite Premium Plastic Freezer Wrap

This plastic-wrap is an easy-to-use, simple solution to keeping your food fresh and well-protected. With this product, you won't have to toss out your leftovers or use unreliable containers that might leak and make a huge mess. Wrap it directly around food or around the containers you've placed your food in.

The Freeze-Tite Premium Plastic Freezer Wrap is completely leak-proof and it also serves as a barrier for strong odors. With it, you don't have to worry about freezer burn on your meats because it locks out freezer air too. Applying light pressure on this plastic wrap activates the self-clinging to secure what you've wrapped.


  • High-quality plastic wrap that's thicker and larger than other brands.
  • Comes in a box that includes a built-in serrated cutter for easy and convenient cutting.
  • You can even use it for wrapping your household items to keep them protected.


  • It's comparatively expensive. Quality doesn’t come cheap, though.


There you have it, all the information you need to know about oven safe plastic wrap. Now you know the answer to the questions "can you put plastic wrap in the oven?" and "what temperature does plastic wrap melt?" With these answers, you can feel more confident about using plastic wrap for your baking needs.

Apart from learning about the usage of oven-safe plastic wrap, we have also provided you with suggestions of the best products available on the market now. Choosing any of these products guarantees that you will buy a high-quality plastic wrap you can use for different purposes.

Is Hellman’s Mayo Safe During Pregnancy?

When you are pregnant, it’s important to understand that you no longer have the luxury of eating and drinking every food you used to enjoy. This is the time to pay more attention to what you put to your body because you have another life to think about.

Some foods might be a threat to the growing miracle inside you. Therefore, is Hellman’s Mayo safe during pregnancy? This post will reveal some of the details you need to know about Hellman’s Mayo.

Types of mayonnaise

Mothers-to-be are concerned about the foods they have to eat or not. Mayonnaise is one of the most favorite foods that most people enjoy eating. Mayonnaise is available in various types, and you can make a choice on which one you prefer based on fat content and the egg. Here are types of mayonnaise you can find in the market:

  • Full-fat Mayonnaise has 65% to 75% fats.

  • Light mayonnaise contains less than 30% fats, 3% egg, and might have a thickening agent such as corn starch.

  • Extra mayonnaise has 4% egg and about 10% fat.

  • Real mayonnaise has 6% egg and more than 78% fat.

Benefits of eating mayonnaise

Mayonnaise has various benefits and pregnant women have the opportunity of getting the following:

  • It’s a source of Vitamin E which is good for your skin and hair. It also reduces the incidences of miscarriages, maintains blood sugar levels, and lowers respiratory problems.

  • It’s a source of Vitamin K, and this vitamin promotes the ideal development of your baby. It also assists in the clotting of blood and this comes handy during childbirth.

  • It’s a source of Vitamin A, D, B12, and B6.

Is Hellman’s mayo safe during pregnancy?

Hellman’s mayo is made of eggs that have gone through heat treatment, meaning they are considered safe during pregnancy. This is because the mayonnaise goes through rigorous processing and pathogens that might cause illness are destroyed.

Hellman’s Mayo is made of egg yolk, vinegar, and vegetable oil. The major risk associated with consuming raw eggs is the threat of getting a food-borne disease as a result of Salmonella bacteria.

The disease is known as Salmonellosis and it can spread to the baby and cause developmental issues. With pasteurized Hellman’s Mayo, this threat is removed because all the pathogens are destroyed.

Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise

Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise is made of real and simple ingredients including 100% certified cage-free eggs, vinegar, and oil. You will love to use this mayonnaise to spread it on sandwiches and wraps, mixing creamy dips, grilling burgers, and preparing fresh salads.

It’s a source of Omega 3-ALA and you will love it because it spreads better than butter. You can brush a thin coat of this mayonnaise on poultry, meat, vegetables, and seafood to prevent the food from sticking to the grill. Even better, you can mix Hellman’s mayonnaise with spices and fresh herbs and serve them over chicken or fish.


  • It’s made of 100% certified cage-free eggs, oil, and vinegar.

  • It tastes delicious on various types of foods including chicken and fish.

  • It’s a good source of Omega 3-ALA, which is great for pregnant women.

  • It’s easy to use as it spreads better than butter.


  • It’s a bit more expensive than the other brands but worth it because of its high-quality.


Understandably, you have to take precautions on what you eat while pregnant. Hellman’s Mayo is not only safe if you are expectant but it has important ingredients that are good for your health and that of your baby. The review above will help you to make the right decision when it comes to choosing the right mayonnaise while you are pregnant.

Is Damprid Safe for Babies?

Excess moisture in the air can promote high humidity leading to the development of mold and mildew. To combat this harmful environment, Damprid is designed to get rid of this moisture.

It contains a non-toxic inorganic mineral salt known as calcium chloride that can absorb moisture from the air. Mold and mildew need a lot of moisture to thrive. By depriving them of the required amount of moisture, this product helps to prevent mold and mildew from growing in your house.

What is Calcium Chloride?

Calcium Chloride appears like crystals of salt and is used in various products, a good example are deicers that you can use to melt snow and ice. Swimming pool and aquarium products sometimes contain calcium chloride, but in other products, it’s used as a food additive.

Canned vegetables use it to firm them, although there is a debate about how safe calcium chloride is when consumed in food. Some medical conditions also require calcium chloride as it’s injected in certain medical treatment. However, DampRid uses calcium chloride because of its moisture-absorbing properties.

How DampRid works

When you use DampRid, crystals of calcium chloride absorb moisture and once they are saturated, they release the moisture into the container. Therefore, you need to place the container with crystals in any of the corners in your home and check when the container is full of water.

While a single container might take a month to fill up, in some homes, it can get full pretty quickly depending on the amount of moisture in the air.

You should be aware that the DampRid crystals will begin absorbing moisture from the air when the humidity is 60% and above. This prevents the air in the room from becoming too dry while suppressing the growth of mold and mildew.

You might require a DampRid container in each room if you see that humidity is a problem in your home.

Is Damprid safe for babies?

DampRid is safe for everyone but you still need to take precautions when using it if you have a baby or pets in your house. The manufacturer assures the customers that this is a non-toxic substance and even if children or pets accidentally put it into their mouths, they won’t swallow it.

DampRid has a bad taste to ensure that babies find it unpleasant when they put it into their mouths and doesn’t emit harmful fumes or gases. You have to place DampRid on leather surfaces or metal because it contains calcium chloride that can damage items if it contacts them.

DampRid Hanging Bag

DampRid Hanging Bag comes in 3-pack of 16 ounces, and these are hanging moisture absorbing packets. You can use this product to get rid of odor in your closet, bathrooms, storage closets, laundry rooms, garages, basements, and more.

The packets are designed to provide an easy solution because you just require to hang them in closed spaces. The good thing about DampRid Hanging Bag is that it doesn’t dry the air a lot, meaning your plants, furniture, and other household items will be safe.

You can use it for up to 60 days depending on the environmental conditions such as temperature in your home.


  • It’s easy to use as you just have to hang the packets in closed spaces.

  • It doesn’t dry the air, leaving your plants and furniture safe.

  • It works up to 60 days, which is long enough to prevent the growth of mold.

  • It’s effective and you can use it in various closed spaces.


  • While it effectively removes moisture, some people feel the smell is a bit strong.


DampRid Hanging Bag is an important moisture absorber that every home should have. It prevents the growth of mold and mildew and eliminates bad odors to leave you and your family enjoying the ideal environment.

There is no doubt that this product is effective and will work according to your expectations. Therefore, this review should guide you when making a purchasing decision for moisture absorbers, especially if you have a baby in your home.

Is Vicks Plug Safe for Baby?

Parents want the best for their babies, and illness can be the worst nightmare in their lives. It might be uncomfortable for you to give your children medication, but sometimes, it’s the only solution to help them recover from illnesses such as persistent cough.

When you see that your baby won’t stop coughing, probably it’s time to administer medication. However, is the Vicks plug safe for a baby? This article will look at the various aspects of the Vicks plug and if it’s safe to use on babies.

How to use Vicks

Most people use Vicks as an alternative way of taking in oral medications or as part of treatment for colds and congestion. Vicks is considered as a topical ointment and you can apply it on your skin.

Parents usually apply Vicks BabyRub on their child’s neck, chest, or upper back. However, it should never be used anywhere near the face and the person might wish to cover the treated part with a warm cloth.

Otherwise, loose clothing is advised so that there can be enough airflow. Some parents prefer to apply it to their babies’ feet and cover them with socks.

The Vicks plug has many benefits to everyone including children with cold symptoms. Most of these products have menthol, camphor, and eucalyptus oils that improves the symptoms of cold and help kids who have upper respiratory problems.

The Vicks Plug is a safe and easier way to help ease congestion, and it allows children to breathe freely while sleeping. The vapor penetrates your nostril passages to help you get comfortable.

Can you use Vicks plug on a baby?

Although there are a limited number of studies that have examined if Vicks is safe for babies, other studies have concluded that the product is effective at treating sleeping problems, congestion, and coughs. Most people use Vicks BabyRub for infants under the age of 2 years old but who are older than 3 months.

You can also find Vicks VapoPads that you can use to your humidifier or vaporizer to help you relieve congestion, cold, and cough.

These pads are non-medicated, work quickly, and are even safe for newborn babies, meaning they can enjoy a night’s sleep. Vicks provides various types of humidifiers and vaporizers, that have soothing properties. You can use these if you want the scent of menthol to ease the congestion and soothe your baby.

Vicks Advanced Soothing Vapors Waterless Vaporizer

Vicks Advanced Soothing Vapors Waterless Vaporizer has a night light and VapoPads designed to relieve discomfort from colds and flu. You can plug this Vicks Waterless Vaporizer into an outlet in your home and enjoy the Vicks vapor with its soothing power.

It has non-medicated menthol scent. It gives you a soft glow nightlight suitable when you are having a sleepless night. This plugin waterless vaporizer is ideal for both adults and children.

When your child is sick from cold, they can have problems sleeping during the night. Therefore, this waterless vaporizer releases non-medicated and soothing vapors. Steam and humidity provide temporary relief from congestion and cough because of colds allergies.


  • They are effective for children who have a cough or congestion.

  • It’s suitable for use when kids have allergies, congestion, or a cough.

  • It offers you the option of using one or two vapor pads.

  • The vapor can work up to 6 hours


  • The refills are pretty expensive but worth it.

Final thoughts

It’s a nightmare when you have a child who has a cough and nasal congestion and can’t sleep at night. Fortunately, the Vicks plug offers you the best option for your child to have a comfortable night. This is a safe product that will relieve your little one from colds and flu as it’s non-medicated. It’s also easy to use ensuring that you don’t have to spend a lot of time figuring out how to operate it.

Is Chai Tea Safe For Pregnancy

People have been making and drinking tea for centuries, and they do that for a good reason. Tea has various benefits, it has antioxidants that might reduce the risks of cancer, consists of polyphenols that protect your heart, and other nutrients that improve your immune system.

The good news for expecting women is that a cup of tea prevents morning sickness and shorten labor. Chai tea is one of the most popular types of teas available on the market. However, is it safe for pregnancy? This article will explain more about chai tea and its effect on pregnant women.

Is chai tea safe when you are pregnant?

Chai tea, also called masala chai is a spicy and fragrant beverage that has its origins from India. This delicious drink includes black tea with a mixture of herbal seasonings also has caffeine. When chai tea is consumed in moderation, experts believe that it is safe for pregnant women.

Most studies agree that drinking less than 200mg of caffeine per day should be safe for expectant women. It’s not only caffeine in herbal teas that you should be looking out for because fennel, licorice root, and star anise can affect your hormones, meaning they have some risks while you’re pregnant.

Star anise and fennel are also safe when consumed in small amounts during pregnancy. While chai tea is considered safe to consume for pregnant women, it’s advisable to check with your doctor.

Chai tea ingredients

The main ingredient of chai tea is black tea, but some manufacturers also offer other varieties of chai tea that have white or green tea leaves. Ginger, cardamon, and black pepper are included to provide spicy flavors to the beverages.

Other ingredients may comprise of saffron, star anise, clove, cinnamon, rose, fennel seed, nutmeg, almond, or licorice. All these ingredients are considered safe for pregnant women when used in moderation.

If you are carrying a high-risk pregnancy, it’s a good idea to take precautions. You should consider drinking decaffeinated chai tea formulas to avoid the dangers associated with the consumption of caffeine. Small amounts of fennel and star anise are safe when you take in moderation, but you can choose chai teas that don’t have these hormone-affecting elements.


Vahdam is Assam CTC organic chai tea and crushed spices such as Cardamom pods, Black Pepper, and Cinnamon. This is Indian traditional leaf tea with a rich flavor and has 100% natural ingredients.

It’s suitable to drink it with or without milk. This tea is fresh and has the best aroma and taste because the leaves are vacuum sealed and packed between 24 and 72 hours after harvesting.

If you love exotic and fresh spices from India, you are likely going to enjoy consuming Vahdam tea. The flavor is slightly malty and it also has the flavor of fresh cardamoms, black pepper, and clove. While this tea stimulates your mind and body, it is also known to boost your immunity.


  • It’s a high-quality chai tea and is smooth with a nice flavor.

  • The spices are fresh and have sharpness with the right blend.

  • It stimulates your mind and body.

  • You can drink it with milk or without milk.


  • You need time to experiment because it has dried ingredients.

Davidson's Tea Bulk

Davidson’s Tea Bulk comes in a pack of a 16-ounce tea bag. You rest assured that you have a high-quality chai tea as it’s USDA certified organic and it’s also Fair Trade Certified. It has an appealing flavor that will keep you excited and contains caffeine. This chai tea consists of ingredients including cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves.

Davidson’s Organics has gone to another level where the tea leaves are packed in a paper stand up pouch that has aluminum foil so that the freshness is intact. The chai tea is ideal if you want to protect your mind and body through its flavors.


  • It comes is a paper stand up pouch with aluminum foil to keep its freshness.

  • It’s USDA approved organic and Fair Trade Certified.

  • It protects your mind and body.

  • It has fresh ingredients to give your nice flavors.


  • The flavor might not be favorable to some people.

Tazo Organic Chai

Tazo Organic Chai has a pack of 24 tea bags weighing 2.3 ounces. This is one of the best chai teas if you are looking for strong tastes.

One tea bag of this chai tea is enough to have a strong flavor and it doesn’t go away even after adding some milk and a small amount of sugar. It has fresh spices of crushed spices to give you a delicious cup of tea. Because it has a strong flavor, it takes a while to finish the pack of 24 tea bags.


  • It has a strong flavor that remains even after adding milk or sugar.

  • You only need one tea bag to have a nice blend.

  • It has the right blend of spices and aroma.

  • It’s a high-quality chai tea with fresh spices.


  • Some people find the taste to be on the weaker side.

Chai Tea Latte Mix

Chai Tea Latte Mix is packaged in one weighing 10 oz bags. This is a decaffeinated vanilla chai tea that tastes deliciously. You can drink it hot, steamed, frozen, or iced. The good news is that it doesn’t have hydrogenated oils or transfat.

It’s Kosher certified to give you peace of mind while drinking it. With its natural and artificial flavors, all you need is just to add water. This tea has honey, cinnamon, vanilla, and ginger, ensuring that you have the right combination of flavors.


  • It provides a good standard of spice chai latte.

  • It’s a tasty drink and easy to make.

  • It’s a convenient powder that enables you to make a drink quickly.

  • The spices are great and mild.


  • The pack holds only10 oz of chai tea powder, which might not last long for heavy drinkers.

Vanilla Spiced Chai

Vanilla Spiced Chai is made in the United States and comes in a 3lb stand-up bag. There is no sugar added in the chai tea to keep it natural, and it has an exotic mix of spices and black tea. You can make and drink it hot or blended. This chai tea is easy to make because you just add milk or water. It’s gluten-free and doesn’t have trans fats.


  • It’s vanilla chai latte mix with a clear taste of spiced tea.

  • You don’t need to add sugar.

  • Tastes great and easy to make.

  • It’s gluten-free and it doesn’t have trans fats.


  • While it has a nice flavor, some people feel otherwise.

The Verdict

Teas and herbal supplements are not regulated by the FDA. While there hasn’t been any concrete evidence showing the effects of chai tea on pregnancy, some experts believe well-known brands are safe. Alternatively, you can choose to drink milder teas or reduce your intake if you want to take some precautions. The chai teas reviewed above are all safe and make sure to read the product description before taking your cup of tea.

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