Oven Safe Plastic Wrap

Those who use ovens for cooking a lot might have stumbled upon recipes that require using plastic wrap to cover food and then using aluminum foil on top of it before placing the food inside the oven. For these recipes, you may have wondered – won’t the plastic melt? Professional chefs and cooks use oven-safe … Read more

Is Damprid Safe for Babies?

Excess moisture in the air can promote high humidity leading to the development of mold and mildew. To combat this harmful environment, Damprid is designed to get rid of this moisture. It contains a non-toxic inorganic mineral salt known as calcium chloride that can absorb moisture from the air. Mold and mildew need a lot … Read more

Is Vicks Plug Safe for Baby?

Parents want the best for their babies, and illness can be the worst nightmare in their lives. It might be uncomfortable for you to give your children medication, but sometimes, it’s the only solution to help them recover from illnesses such as persistent cough. When you see that your baby won’t stop coughing, probably it’s … Read more

Is Chai Tea Safe For Pregnancy

People have been making and drinking tea for centuries, and they do that for a good reason. Tea has various benefits, it has antioxidants that might reduce the risks of cancer, consists of polyphenols that protect your heart, and other nutrients that improve your immune system. The good news for expecting women is that a … Read more

Are Vibrating Bassinets Safe for Newborns?

Some of the cleverest new products to hit the baby market are vibrating bassinets. The brainchild of California pediatrician Harvey Karp, his original vibrating bassinet with the quirky name “Snoo” took five years to develop. Dr. Karp worked with Massachusetts Institute of Technology engineers to produce the first prototype. Since then, the idea has moved … Read more

Is oxiclean safe for baby clothes

As small as they are, babies have a way of making their presence felt and creating some big stains. They often spit up, spill baby food, juice and more, which results in some serious stains on their clothes. Sometimes detergent alone isn’t enough to remove them. OxiClean is a well-known baby stain remover with an … Read more

Can Babies Have Maple Syrup – Is it Safe?

Mothers naturally want to know if a product is safe before giving it to their babies. A baby’s digestive system is sensitive and certain foods are not suitable for them until they’ve reached a certain age. Maple syrup is one product mothers may be concerned about due to its high sugar content. Can babies have … Read more

Is It Safe to Take a Newborn to The Beach?

The beach can be tempting for moms and their newborns. Bringing your little one to the beach can be a memorable experience and babies are bound to be captivated by the atmosphere around them. While planning for an upcoming beach trip, you need to consider if your newborn is ready to be in the sun, … Read more