Best Food Safe Glue You Can Buy

When glue is considered food-safe, it means that it’s allowed by the U.S Food and Drug Administration to be used for food packaging. The FDA’ adhesive rules are focused directly on the responsibility of the manufacturer to use only the glues that are considered safe to be in contact with food.

If you plan on using glue for packing food, it’s important that you see which adhesive products will suit your needs the best. An ideal food-safe adhesive should have low odor and it should melt clean with no toxic residues.

You can use food-safe glue in direct or indirect contact with food. Naturally, the adhesives that can be used in direct contact with food need to pass the more rigorous tests by the FDA.

Let’s answer some general questions about the use of the food-safe glue and review the best food-safe adhesive products you can buy online.

What are the benefits of using the food-safe adhesives?

If you’re running a food production and selling business, you will need to somehow pack your product and make it available for storage and sale.

The best way to pack your food product is to use the adhesive products that can help you seal the package the best. However, not any sort of glue is suitable for the task of packing food, so it’s important to check which adhesive products are allowed by the FDA.

In case you’re using the adhesives to pack your own food, it’s still important to have in mind which glue products are safe. The personal use of the food-safe adhesives also needs to be in accordance with the safety regulations imposed by the FDA.

Generally, the use of the food-safe glue can benefit you on many levels as it’s a practical packaging solution that keeps the quality of the food. Therefore, the use of food-safe adhesives to pack food is highly recommended.

Which adhesive products are considered food-safe?

The most common type of glue that is considered food-safe is a two-component epoxy adhesive. This type of glue provides its users with optimum performance as it creates high strength bonds.

The two-component epoxy adhesive also allows for a fast glue curing speed that allows enough time for further alignment of the package. The most important two-component epoxy adhesive feature is the fact that the adhesive is formulated with the materials that are considered food-safe by the FDA.

Two-part glues are made of epoxy and resorcinol that is a crystalline phenol that can be synthesized or made of organic components. One part of this type of adhesive products is the glue and the other part serves as a catalyst.

Aside from the two-part epoxy adhesives, you can use animal hide glues for food packaging. This type of glue is made of the bones and other portions of animals, which means that the glue can create a non-toxic bond with the surfaces.

How does the FDA determine which adhesives are food-safe?

The regulations vary from country to country and there are different legislating bodies for the use of adhesives with the FDA as the most important. Generally, the adhesive manufacturers must follow the formulation rules that are stipulated by specific FDA regulations.

The most important regulation is that the FDA-compliant adhesives need to be manufactured from pre-approved raw materials. This means that the FDA has an extensive list of raw materials that are known to create non-toxic bonds with the surfaces.

When it comes to plastic material or chemicals that come into contact with food or the food process, all the materials need to pass rigorous food safety requirements. Even if the materials are used in packaging or the factory production environment, they need to pass the safety tests.

The best food-safe adhesives you can order online

1. Elmer's E1012 China and Glass Cement 1-Ounce


Aside from glass, ceramics and pottery, this glue can be used for packing food as it provides you with excellent performance when used on card boxes. This glue comes with cement among its ingredients that serve as a catalyst. The cement is a highly efficient catalyst that can be primarily used for pottery and ceramics, but you can apply it to a big range of other materials as well.

Easy to use

This adhesive product is designed for quick use, which means that it’s easy to apply on any surface. Also, if you put too much of the glue on a specific surface, you can wash it off in a dishwasher because the glue is dishwasher safe. You can set this glue in a minute and make multi-piece repairs easier. The glue reaches its full strength in two or three days, which means that you are free to make additional alignments and modifications.


The Elmer’s E1012 adhesive product is made of materials that are all in accordance with the FDA regulations. This means that the glue can create non-toxic bonds with other materials. Therefore, you can use this glue for packing food as it won’t jeopardize the quality of food. This glue will provide you with optimum performance in case you decide to use it on card boxes. The cement that serves as a catalyst does a great job on card surfaces and ensures the longevity of the package.


  • You can use this glue for various purposes.
  • The glue is easy to use and provides you with excellent adhesion.
  • Elmer’s E1012 glue is perfect for packing food as it’s non-toxic.


  • The glue needs up to three days to reach its full strength. This can be a downside for the big-time food manufacturers who need instant results.

2. Rhino Glue Pro Kit, Heavy Duty 65 Gram Clear

If you’re looking for a high-quality and multipurpose adhesive product, then the Rhino glue will surely fulfill your expectations. This glue is designed to create strong bonds on various materials and it is food-safe. Also, if you use this glue, you will create durable bonds that ensure the longevity of the bonded objects.

Strong adhesion

The Rhino Glue is made of materials that ensure the optimum adhesion performance on various surfaces. If you use the Rhino Glue, you will be able to bond plastics, vinyl, wood, rubber, metals, canvas, acrylics, glass and ceramic in just a matter of seconds. Also, the glue comes with a Clear Stress Tough formula that makes the objects resistant to shock, moisture, heat and vibrations.

Simple to use

The Rhino Glue was designed for optimum performance that allows for simple use of the product. So, if you want to use the Rhino Glue, you will only need to apply small doses of glue on the surfaces to create a super-strong bond. Also, the glue hardener takes some time to reach its full effect, which means that you have time to make additional alignments and modifications.

The glue is food-safe

With this adhesive product, you will be able to pack the food fast and efficient. All of the glue’s ingredients are in accordance with the specific FDA regulations. The Rhino Glue will allow for good isolation of the food inside the package as it creates strong and durable bonds that successfully hold together the package parts.


  • The Rhino Glue allows for optimum adhesion performance as it creates strong and non-toxic bonds.
  • The glue is designed for a simple use which means that it will save your time and effort.
  • You can use this glue to create quality food packages.


  • Some users reported that the glue catalyst cures the glue too fast.

3. Instant KG48448MR Krazy Glue Advanced Formula Gel

Krazy Glue offers a super-strong adhesive formula that creates strong and durable bonds on various materials. This glue is among the food-grade adhesives that can be used for food packaging. So, if you want to create durable food packages that will keep the quality and freshness of the food, this glue is designed to do an amazing job.

Easy to use

The Krazy Glue comes in a tiny tube that contains enough adhesive for frequent use. It takes a small dose of the adhesive to create a strong bond on a big number of different surfaces. The glue tube is designed in such a way to let you use it with precision.

Strong gel formulation

This high-quality glue comes with a unique adhesion formula that makes it extremely useful for porous surfaces. The formula allows for long-lasting hold and it also enhances the bond quality with no-run features. With this glue, you will be able to create extra strong, durable and shock-resistant bonds that will ensure the longevity of the objects.


The strong adhesive formula also lets you apply this glue on various materials like wood, metal, ceramics, pottery, vinyl, leather and plastic. Therefore, this glue can serve as an instant solution in case you need to repair an object immediately. Also, the no-run formulation makes this glue great for bonding vertical surfaces.

The glue is non-toxic and food-safe

The Krazy Glue ingredients are all food-safe and in accordance with the FDA regulations. Therefore, you can safely use this glue to create high-quality food packages from various materials. The glue also allows for excellent food isolation that will keep the food fresh.


  • This multipurpose glue is easy to use and highly efficient when it comes to creating strong and non-toxic bonds.
  • The glue comes with a strong formulation that allows for impeccable adhesion performance.
  • The glue is food-safe, so you can use it to make quality food packages.


  • Some users reported that the glue cures too fast.

Which food-safe glues are the most efficient?

Among the finest food-safe adhesive products, we can point out two types of adhesives that are exceptionally efficient. Therefore, the comparison needs to be made between the all-purpose, and white glue types.

When it comes to the “all-purpose” glues, each glue has its own specific components and different things on which it reaches its peak performance. The Rhino Glue is the perfect example of the “all-purpose” glue that can do perfect adhesion job on different surfaces. Its base is cyanoacrylate which means that it has the same base as the superglue, but it features an enhanced formula that allows for great performance on porous surfaces.

The Rhino Glue is dishwasher, microwave and food safe, which means that it can be safely used for making food packages. Also, the Rhino Glue can be kept in the refrigerator with no risk of the toxins release on low temperatures.

The white glue is also known as Poly Vinyl Acetate and it’s a type of glue that you used as a kid for the art projects. The white glue adheres to porous materials and it’s excellent at filling wood joints and adhering wooden boards or slats. Also, the white glue is food-safe, so you can use it for creating top-quality food packages that keep your food fresh and protected.

The Verdict

If you want to find the most efficient way to pack food, the food-safe glues are highly recommended as they can help you create the top-quality packages. The only thing you need to look upon is whether the glue you want to buy approved by the FDA.

When the FDA considers a certain glue “food-safe” it means that the glue was made of ingredients that are known to create non-toxic bonds. Therefore, when you buy a food-safe glue, you will be able to create quality food packages that keep the food fresh and also protect it from the external negative factors. The glues reviewed in this article are well-known for their optimum adhesion performance, so check them out.

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