Best Non-Slip Shower Mat for Elderly Seniors

Bathroom floors have a tendency to be slippery, which is not the best-case scenario, especially if you’re living with an older person. As per stats, 80% of senior falls tend to happen in the bathroom. More so, these falls tend to cause injuries with some being life-threatening.

It’s not all bad news as there is a solution to this problem, non-slip mats. These mats help keep the floor dry and keep your family safe from slipping. They also come in an array of colors and designs. You can pick one that matches the decor you currently have.

With that in mind, we have come up with this comprehensive review, to help guide you on the best non-slip mats in the market right now.

How to know a good non-slip bath mat

You’d think there wasn’t much thought that needs to be put into buying a shower mat, but there is. A good non- slip shower mat should be slip resistant, have good draining and drying ability as well as much your decor (if you care about that). Basically, your non-slip mat should have the following features:

Design & Color Scheme

Some people do care about the design of the bathroom and would like the design to be maintained. If you’re one of these people, then the color scheme of your mat is quite important. We advise that you select a neutral color like white, clear or grey if you’re uncertain of which color to pick for your bathroom mat.

Sticking Ability

The ability to stick comes hand in hand with the anti-slip ability of the mat. The mat you get needs to be able to stay in one place once kept there. It should have powerful suction. A key thing to look at here is the suction cups. Look at the number of suction cups on the mat, the quality and the distribution (especially in the corners). If the mat can’t stop moving when placed on the floor, then it’s most likely to cause the user of the bathroom to slip. In order for the mat to feel secure, you need to make sure it can stick to the spot it's placed.

Draining Ability

You don’t want the mat you use to pool water at the top. It might get disgusting over time and also affect its non-slip function over time. When buying a non-slip mat check its draining ability. You can do this by looking if it has drain holes at the top of the mat. These holes help drain water from the top of the mat.

Easy to Maintain

Look at the washing instructions before buying a mat. Can you machine wash it? Any special instructions? The right type of non-slip mat should be easy to maintain. You should be able to machine wash it to make it easier to clean. It should be easy to clean and allow you to use the washing machine to clean it. This makes the mat cleaner and free from bacteria.

It should also not have any special instructions that make it difficult for you to clean such as use only specific detergent (that is not easily available in your local area).


You need to consider the size of the mat that you’re about to buy. The size will depend on where you’re going to place the mat. For instance, if you’re going to place it as a shower enclosure, then a small size mat is fine, but if it’s going to be in a tub or open shower area, a bigger mat is needed.

Bonus points should be given to mats that provide space for the drain if you’re going to use it in the tub.

Mould Resistance

Where there is a pooling of water, there is mold, mildew and fungi. Considering how moist the bathroom can get, you’ll need to clean the mat very often to avoid mold from growing on it. To make maintenance easier, buy mats that have been treated for mold, mildew and fungi.

They might be slightly more expensive, but they’ll give you peace of mind. They won’t need to be cleaned often and protect users of the bathroom from possible infection.

Review - Top 5 Best Non-Slip Shower Mat for Elderly Seniors

1. Epica Anti Slip Mat

The Epica anti-slip mat is built for comfort and made to last. The mat is meant to be used in a bathtub or shower and is large measuring at 16”x28”. The Epica anti-slip mat comes in neutral colors, so it can fit in any style or decor. The bath mat is made using rubber and uses a textured surface that makes it comfortable to step and can last through years of use.

Epica anti-slip bath mat has plenty of high strength suction cups underneath it. This makes it to stick wherever it's placed and is very less likely to slip under the feet of its user. To add to its anti-slip feature, it has the ability to repel soap. This reduces the chances of you slipping as you stand and move on the mat during a shower.

It’s also easy to maintain as you can throw it into the machine for a quick wash whenever you feel like it.


  • It has strong suction cups and is easy to stick and remove from the floor.
  • Its smooth surface texture makes it comfortable to stand on.
  • The design looks good and works with any bathroom decor.


  • It’s not great to use on textured surfaces.

2. Extra Long Yimbora bathtub and shower mat

The Yimbora mat is also a great choice for an anti-slip bath mat. It measures at 40”x 16” inches, it’s large and can be used in bathtubs and showers both. The design of the mat makes it a great choice for bathtubs and showers that have drains located in different areas of the bathtub/shower that is not the norm.

It comes with 200 large suction cups that make sure it sticks when placed in the bathtub/shower. The mat comes in many different colors and designs to cater to the design needs of its user. It’s also BPA and latex free, so it’s good for people that have allergic reactions to latex.

The mat is also machine safe, so you can pop it in for a wash when you feel that it needs it.


  • The mat drains well so water doesn’t collect on its surface.
  • It has strong suction power so will not move or slide around.
  • The mat is extra-long so it fits most bathtubs from drain to the back.
  • It’s easy to maintain as it’s machine washable.


  • It’s might not be the most comfortable as you can feel the bumps underneath your feet.

3. Gorilla Grip Bathroom Mats

Based on the name, it seems this mat was made with one thing in mind, strong grip. It does fulfill this goal by using 324 gorilla grip suction cups that make sure the mat stays in its place when the suction cups are secured. It also incorporates a neutral design that makes it fit in with any sort of bathroom decor.

The mat is also made for people with allergic reactions to latex as it is latex free, BPA free and produces nor has a toxic smell. To add to its amazing features, it’s also mildew resistant. The mat incorporates small holes throughout its surface to allow for water to circulate around and away from it.

This helps reduce the moist around the mat and reduces the growth of mildew and fungi. You can also easily maintain the mat as its machine washable. You can wash it in the machine if you ever feel that it’s too dirty.


  • It has strong suction cups that make it grip to the surface of your shower or bathtub.
  • It’s easy to apply and remove from the floor.
  • It drains water well and doesn’t allow for shampoos and soap to pool on the surface.
  • It’s easy to maintain as its machine washable.
  • Its huge size is great as it covers most of the length of a regular bathtub.


  • It has a vinyl-like smell when unpacked that dissipates after a few days of use.

4. Vive Shower Mat

The Vive shower mat stands out from the rest of the mats on this list due to its design. The mat incorporates a 6” centered drain hole in the middle that allows for water to drain from the mat. The hole in the middle as well as the size of the mat, 22”x22” makes it great for showers rather than bathtubs.

Like most mats on this list, the Vive shower mat is latex free so people with allergies can still use it. It features 200 suction cups underneath it that allows it to grip to the shower floor. It also incorporates a unique suction design that makes the mat still stick firmly in place even when wet. The mat can also be washed in a washing machine so it’s easy to maintain.


  • It has strong suction cups that keep it in place when secured on the floor.
  • The surface of the mat has a smooth texture that makes it feel soft on the feet.
  • The draining hole in the middle allows for better drainage of water.
  • Works best in showers with the drain cut out in the middle.
  • The suction cups work on textured surfaces such as tiles.


  • The location of the drainage hole makes it inconvenient for use in bathtubs and showers with drains located away from the center.

5. Non-slip bath mat by Evelyne Homes

This mat by Evelyne homes also incorporates an interesting design. It comes in multiple colors including light blue and gray, so it can work in almost any bathroom setting. In addition to that, it uses a wavy design/wave texture on the surface that makes it comfortable in touch and perfect to use when taking a shower.

The way the drain holes have been added to the mat also adds to its design. It contains plenty of drain holes that make sure water doesn’t pool up on the mat as you use it. The use of 122 individual suction cups underneath the mat makes it stick firmly in place when placed on a shower or bathtub floor.


  • The texture on the mat is smooth and comfortable to stand & sit on.
  • It has a strong grip thanks to the suction cups on the mat.
  • It’s easy to clean.
  • The unique design and color scheme makes it work for almost any bathroom decor.
  • The sturdy design allows water and soap to run off it easily. No more water pooling on the surface of the mat.


  • It doesn’t work well for textured or tiled surfaces.


A non-slip mat is important for not only the seniors but also children and people with balancing problems. A good non-slip mat should first have very strong non-slip ability. It should be safe to use as you shower. It should not make it easy for you to slip. Many non-slip shower mats use suction cups that allow it to stick firmly to the surface of the shower or bathtub.

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