Best Safety Harness for Construction

If you are working in the construction industry, then having the best safety harness is a must. It’s a piece of suitable safety equipment that will prevent you from falling down while working at a certain height. Besides this, it secures you so that you can work with your two hands.

You can use the safety harness by attaching it to an immovable object to help you to avoid hitting the ground when you trip or fall down. In case of accidents, a harness will keep your body in an upright position which will prevent you from injuries.

For that reason, you need to have the right equipment that will perform well as there is no room for error. With the help of a safety harness, you can reduce the risks of accidents encountered at workplaces.

This review will look at what to look for in the best safety harness for construction.

What you need to know about the best safety harness for construction

A safety harness for construction workers is a necessity for their safety. If you are planning on doing construction work, you need to wear one for your own protection. A safety harness should have the right size, be comfortable, and flexible. Generally, the best safety harness should have the following features and functions:

The right size

Safety harnesses come in all sizes and you can adjust them up to a certain limit. Unfortunately, the adjustment cannot accommodate all people who have various body sizes and shapes. It’s for this reason why in the first place you need to determine the right fit for your body before purchasing a safety harness.

A harness features chest straps designed to sit across your chest and D-rings that come in between your shoulder blades. You should also ensure that your hand is able to slide flat in between the leg strap of the harness and your leg.

Lastly, if it’s impossible to make the right adjustments, it’s most likely that it’s not the correct size for your body. The harnesses indicate their sizes, so make sure that you are purchasing the correct equipment.

The weight

The weight of the safety harness is another important consideration. You will have to consider the type of construction work you will be doing because you want to get all the comfort you can get while working at a certain height.

The wrong weight will not only affect the performance of your work, but the harness will also not provide you with proper protection. Most of the harnesses are lightweight and they have removable padding and seats to help you adjust their weights.

In addition, some harnesses are made up of aluminum hardware instead of steel material aimed at reducing their overall weight.

The Padding

When working at certain heights, it’s crucial that you should have the best comfort. The material used in padding will determine whether it will offer you the right comfort or not. Most of the safety harnesses have the appropriate padding material to ensure that you are comfortable and flexible while working.

Aside from this comfort, the padding is intended to serve as an extra layer to protect you should you fall down to the ground. The padding must also be capable of retaining its shape so that you can easily wear the harness.

The good news is that the padding is removable. The removable padding is washable so that you can clean them when they are dirty. You should choose a harness that is made of proper padding material to ensure that you can easily wash it.

The webbing technology

A safety harness is comprised of the webbing technology that has a huge influence on its performance. The technologies include liquid resistant, heat resistant, and paint resistant coatings.

For the construction industry, all these technologies are useful depending on the type of work that you will be doing. For example, electricians and welders opt for heat resistant harnesses because of the nature of their work.

Some harnesses are stretchable to provide you with comfort and increase your movements. It can be difficult to work flexibly at certain heights, so having a stretchable harness makes your job quite easy and convenient.

Top 5 Best Safety Harness for Construction​

1. Guardian Fall Protection 11173 Seraph Construction Harness

The Guardian Fall Protection Construction Harness is specially designed to be durable and strong. Construction workers will be pleased to note that this harness has torso buckles which are easy and quick to adjust.

This protective equipment was manufactured with safety in mind as it has most of the features to protect you from falling. It includes shoulder pads, padded waist belt, impact indicator, and D-ring lanyard keepers which also work as retrieval hoists.

Six points of adjustment and stretchable shoulder straps with shoulder pads will help you to adjust the harness to a level where you feel comfortable and safe. It comes with a padded waist belt to support your back while the D-ring Lanyard keepers provide you with great mobility.

The buckle leg strap is another excellent addition that ensures that your legs are in the right position. This safety harness is a lightweight and it comes in various sizes to cater for people of all sizes.


  • It’s made of high-quality material and is quite easy to access D-ring lanyard keepers.

  • It’s comfortable and gives you great mobility.

  • It helps your legs to be in the appropriate position while working.

  • It’s lightweight and easy to wear.

  • It has a padded waist to provide you with comfort and back support.


  • Some people might feel a bit hot behind the waist belt but not too hot to be uncomfortable.

2. KwikSafety Thunder Kit

KwikSafety Thunder Kit is a safety harness kit that every construction worker should be looking for. It comes with 3D Thunder safety harness, a tool Bryozoa lanyard, a cross arm strap, Rattler safety lanyard, and a storage bag.

It’s ANSI and OSHA compliant, guaranteeing that it’s safe to use when working 6 feet and above. It’s comprised of 3D ring safety harness to support anyone between 130 and 310 pounds. For ideal protection, you can connect and align the pass-through connectors, tighten leg and shoulder straps and place the chest traps in the center of your chest.

This safety harness provides you with comfort because of its exact fit. The Rattler is a lightweight as it has internal shock-absorbing lanyard while the dual-action and double locking snap hooks ensure there is no possibility of accidental fall.


  • It’s made of durable material and it’s sturdy.

  • It allows you to adjust it to fit your body size and shape.

  • It’s comfortable as it allows you to customize it.

  • It’s designed to fit a wide range of people of various body sizes and shapes.

  • It’s pretty easy to use the 3D ring safety harness.


  • It might take time to put it on for the first-time users.

3. Warthog Comfort MAXX Construction Harness

Warthog Comfort MAXX Construction Harness is designed for men and women in the construction industry. It’s a full body harness that allows full body movement while working. It’s suitable for people of between 130 and 310 pounds as approved by ANSI and OSHI.

The harness has reinforced quick connect leg straps and chest harness featuring side D-rings made of alloy steel for durability and improved performance. The dual lanyard keepers are built-in to give you the ease of movement which is vital in the construction work.

The Warthog is made from reinforced polyester webbing fabric to protect you at all times. The webbing material also offers great comfort, support, and allows you to be mobile. The waist belt provides you extra padding to support and give you the necessary comfort.


  • It’s a full body harness to give you flexibility while working.

  • It’s easy to put it on and feels comfortable wearing it.

  • It accommodates people of various sizes and shapes.

  • It allows you to make quick adjustments.

  • It has built-in dual lanyard keepers for ease of movement.


  • It’s very easy to eject the straps, making it a risk to accidentally unstrap while working.

4. Protecta 1191209 Construction Full Body Harness

The Protecta 1191209 Construction Full Body Harness is a full body harness that comes with a back D-ring to give you a safe connection point. The back D-ring provides you fall protection and a side D-ring is for positioning.

This is an important safety precaution because it will keep you in the upright position in case of a fall. It has four equipment rings to give you easy access to additional tools that you might need while working.

The shoulder pads provide you with comfort by distributing weight over a wider shoulder area. This harness also has polyester webbing which is lightweight, strong, and durable.

The impact indicator has rip-stitch indicators for a quick inspection of your harness. The parachute torso adjusters feature a 5-point adjustment mechanism to ensure that it fits well on your body. The Protecta has a hip pad and shoulder pads for ultimate comfort while the tongue buckle leg straps are installed for a secure fit.


  • It has high-quality features such as stitching and buckles.

  • The D-rings allow flexible use of the lanyards.

  • It’s easy to put it on and it works perfectly.

  • It has strong polyester web material.

  • It has rip-stitch impact indicators.


  • You might feel uncomfortable in hot weather because of the waist pad but it’s pretty comfortable in cold weather.

5. 3M DBI-SALA ExoFit 1108501 Construction Harness

The 3M DBI-SALA ExoFit 1108501 Construction Harness is designed to wrap your body in an X shape. It has built-in padding in the shoulders, back, and your leg for comfort. This is a lightweight harness with soft edging wraps for comfort and security. It features a body belt and a hip pad with side D-rings to use for positioning yourself.

The back D-ring offers a safe connection for a fall arrest mechanism. The soft and lightweight webbing is durable and provides extra comfort. It’s important for other construction workers to see where you are working in low light conditions, so this harness has built-in reflective piping.

The ExoFit harness is made of abrasion resistant nylon which is strong and durable. Better still, the harness has a 5-point adjustment system to enable you to customize it.


  • It comes with a belt and a quick release buckle to make it convenient for you.

  • It’s lightweight and comfortable to wear.

  • It comes with reflective piping to promote visibility in low light conditions.

  • It’s made of abrasion-resistant nylon for durability and maximum protection.

  • It has a 5-point adjustment system for a proper fit.


  • It has great features making it a bit expensive.


A safety harness is a protective gear designed to give you protection from possible injuries. So, it should have a feature which you can use to attach it to an immovable item. Construction workers mostly work at certain heights, making it a requirement to wear a safety harness to protect themselves.

If your work involves climbing great heights, there is no any other alternative apart from wearing the safety harness. It will prevent you from falling down to the ground, ensuring that you not injured. The best safety harness for construction workers is expected to keep you safe, comfortable, and flexible while performing your duties.

By wearing a safety harness, it distributes forces into parts of our body through its buckles and straps. The body parts affected by this force include the chest, shoulders, and upper thigh muscles. Therefore, the harness diverts the pressure from more critical body parts such as the neck and stomach, which cannot effectively absorb and support your body.

Keep yourself protected and safe while working by choosing the above reviewed best safety harness for construction. They have all the required features and functions that are ideal in the construction industry.

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