Best Structural Firefighting Gloves

Firefighters have to make sure that at they are protecting their hands all times from damage while exposed to excess heat. Hands are the only parts of the body that are more vulnerable during such tough and dangerous activities, and there is a way you can protect them.

Structural firefighting gloves are designed to protect your hands from safety hazards. These gloves play a crucial role in ensuring that firefighters, rescuers, and first responders perform their jobs efficiently.

The best structural firefighting gloves should have the ability to keep your hands safe as you rescue people. The gloves should fit well and prevent your hands from abrasion while providing comfort, dexterity, and finger movement.

Knowing that your hands cannot be harmed should be comforting enough considering how rigorous the work is in saving lives. To help you select the best structural firefighting gloves, this post will share with you what to look for before making a purchase.

What you need to know about best structural firefighting gloves

Structural firefighting gloves are designed to provide maximum protection through their tough construction. Firefighters deal with fierce structural blazes which require a specific type of gloves to protect their hands.

The OSHA or NFPA approved this type of gloves as suitable for protection, meaning the glove adheres to their standards. The structural glove is made from various materials to provide different levels of protection. Plus, the gloves have great abrasion and cut resistance properties.

When you are dealing with raging fires, you need to use this glove which is heat and flame resistance. Firefighting gloves should provide you with dexterity, should be a right fit, and should prevent your hands from flames and heat. Overall, the best structural firefighting gloves should have the following features and functions:


Dexterity is one of the important factors you should consider when purchasing structural gloves. The ideal glove should cover the palm, fingertips, and it should be tactile and flexible when it comes to using the fingertips and fingers.

It needs a lot of careful assessment to find the perfect dexterity because the properties of some gloves are affected by the styling. For example, adhesives on the fingertips and the seam’s location can reduce the level of dexterity.

Some best structural firefighting gloves have certain features included which are intended to improve dexterity. These include seamless fingertips which improve the friction of the grip.

Then, there are even some gloves which have multiple layers of the same material used in constructing it to optimize the capabilities of protecting your hands. While this might compromise dexterity because of its bulkiness and stiffness, it gives you great protection.

The gloves are intended to enable you to use them while handling extreme heat but you can also remove them when performing certain tasks. So, it’s easy to take them off when wearing breathing equipment or changing the radio frequency, this improves your safety during such hectic times.


Another important feature that you have to look for in the best structural firefighting gloves is to determine if the pair of gloves fits you properly. Fitness of the glove will ensure that you can perform your duties efficiently with your hands while protecting them from hazards such as sharp edges, flame, and heat.

The great part about most of the best structural firefighting gloves is that they come in various sizes. Even better, you can customize the gloves to make them become a proper fit so that they are tight and they have a good level of dexterity.

Choosing the right size for your hand is vital as it will help you to perform your job better while getting comfort in using the glove. You should not just rely on simple sizing methods when selecting the right gloves for you. It’s always advisable to measure the size of your hand correctly to have an idea about the perfect size for you. You can do this by taking the length of your hand as well as the circumference of your wrist.

Thermal Protection

Thermal performance is a functional requirement that you have to consider when choosing a glove. The gloves that have more thermal protection will protect you from radiant heat caused by the fire. In most cases, firefighters have had the back of their hands burned, so to prevent that from happening, the NFPA increased the performance requirement for the back of the glove.

This protection means that the back of your hand has an added protection in times of contact with excess heat. It makes it easy to hold a hose line or handle other firefighting tools because the back of your hand will always be protected. Here are some of the best structural firefighting gloves which are great for use in fire rescue emergencies:

Top 8 Best Structural Firefighting Gloves

#1. Ringers Gloves 345 Rescue Gloves, Firefighter Extrication Gloves, X-Large

Ringers Gloves feature immense durability and advanced design, which allows for optimum safety even in the most challenging conditions. The gloves are made of 39 percent nylon, 38 percent rubber, 12 percent polyurethane and 11 percent Kevlar. The nylon and rubber ensure that the gloves are flexible and easy to operate with, while Kevlar and polyurethane improve the dexterity of the gloves.

Moreover, Ringers Gloves come with the TPR impact protection on top of the hand. The TPR impact protection design fully covers the knuckles, fingers and the entire hand, so the gloves can endure the extreme work conditions.

The TPR design also features detached fingers for better protection and flexibility. Also, the gloves are cut-resistant which further improves the overall safety of the gloves. These cut-resistant gloves are highly visible as they’re made of reflective material. Such a glove design allows for better visibility of the firefighters in areas full of smoke.

The gloves feature KevLoc Padded palm panels and fingertips for optimal protection. The Ringers gloves come with Kevlar reinforced stitching that improves the durability of the gloves.


  • Ringer Gloves feature immense durability and advanced design.
  • The TPR impact protection design increases overall safety.
  • The gloves are made of highly visible materials, so the firefighters can spot each other easily in the areas full of smoke and fire.


  • Some users reported that the size of the gloves was not suitable for their needs.

#2. Ringers R-314 Extrication Gloves, Cut Resistant Work Gloves, Yellow, Medium

Ringers R-314 gloves are designed to endure the most extreme work conditions. Therefore, these gloves are a perfect choice for firefighters and other high-intensity applications. Aside, from the firefighting purposes, these gloves are optimal as gardening, or chainsaw gloves. The Ringers gloves are made of top-quality materials, which improve their durability and dexterity.

These top-quality gloves feature a flexible TPR impact protection design, which allows for improved safety and functionality in extreme work conditions. The Ringers gloves are cut-resistant and feature immense durability as they are made from synthetic leather, stretch Cordura, Armortex, EVA padding and rubber. These high-quality materials ensure the comfortable and reliable use of the gloves.

The performance of the Ringers gloves is further improved with the KevLoc system on the palm and fingers. The KevLoc system allows for a firm and secure grip, while the extended cuff with gaiter closure keeps out debris. The Kevlar stitching makes the Ringers gloves extremely durable.


  • The Ringers gloves feature an optimum design that perfectly combines safety and functionality.
  • The gloves are cut-resistant and durable.
  • The TPR protection design allows for the ultimate safety during the work.


  • There were minor complaints about the flexibility of the gloves in certain work conditions.

#3. Size Medium - Tan Firefighter Heavy Duty Work Gloves NFPA Rated

Swany offers top-quality firefighter gloves that feature optimum fitness, functionality, and dexterity. The gloves are made of the top-quality leather materials that add up to the overall safety and efficacy of the gloves. Swany’s gloves are designed for extreme work conditions, which means that they’re a perfect choice for the firefighters.

The inner part of the gloves is insulated by the high-quality thermal insulation materials, which protect the firefighters from the extreme heat. The outer shell is suede and durable as it was made of polyurethane and leather, which add up to the flexibility and durability of the gloves.

The Swany’s gloves are waterproof, so they are efficient in all the weather conditions. Also, the gloves are rated by the NFPA for firefighting. This means that the gloves have passed all the safety and functionality tests, which prove that they are suitable for extreme work conditions.


  • The gloves are made of high-quality materials.
  • The Swany’s gloves are rated by the NFPA for firefighting.
  • These gloves are waterproof and extremely durable.


  • Some users reported minor problems with hand control while wearing these gloves.

#4. Dragon Fire Alpha X NFPA Glove

The Alpha X NFPA Glove is a multipurpose glove from the Dragon Fire Gloves designed to provide protection and resistance in cases when you are handling chemicals, blood-borne pathogens, and extreme heat and cold.

It has unique features such as an upper layer which has double stitching for durability and it comes with a thermal liner for maximum protection from the radiant heat.

The outer part of this glove is made up of natural leather to provide optimum strength and it gives a better grip on wet surfaces because it’s not an ordinary fabric. This glove is ideal for firefighters and rescuers as it provides great qualities required for great job performance.


  • It protects various parts of your hand including the fingertips, palms, and knuckles.

  • It provides 100% dexterity without affecting the level of protection.

  • It doesn’t stiffen even after repeated use; it remains soft.

  • The upper layer has a double Kevlar stitching to make it stronger and durable.

  • It has a thermal liner to block the heat making it suitable for use by the fire service and rescue department.


  • You need to break the glove through prior to using it which might take a lot of time.

#5. KKmoon Fire Protective Gloves

KKmoon Fire Protective Gloves is waterproof that is suitable for firefighters and first respondents because it has other various valuable capabilities and functions. It’s made from high-quality fabric to ensure that it lasts for long regardless of the rough tasks it goes through.

It has a rugged palm for you to easily grasp items without slipping from your hands. It is a great glove that can withstand fierce heat from the fire and harsh environments during fire emergencies and rescue operations. The glove is resistant to acids, static, oils, heat, and radiation.


  • It has rugged palm to enable you to hold on to people and items during fire rescue operations.

  • It’s well-designed to be used by firefighters because it has tough fire protective material.

  • It’s resistant to various items including acids, radiation, and heat, making it suitable for firefighters.

  • It’s made up of a fabric which is cut resistant and non-slip, ensuring that your wrists and hands are always protected.

  • It’s flexible and comfortable for firefighters and fire respondents featuring a reflective strap to enhance your safety and visibility.


  • You need to look for the size carefully while buying due to a few cases of not-so-good fitment.

#6. Innotex INNO-775-M TRU-3D Firefighter Gloves

Innotex INNO-775-M TRU-3D Gloves is another best structural firefighting glove that is popular with firefighters and first fire respondents. It has functional features that make sure that all the parts of your hand such as fingers and thumbs are adequately protected.

It features curved thumbs, finger, and rounded fingertips to help you to feel comfortable and secure while wearing the gloves. It has one of the best flexible properties that you can ever find in a firefighting glove.

With a grip that comes from the knuckle guard, it will reduce situations where you easily get tired as you are rescuing someone. Firefighters have to make sure that they have a perfect grip on someone, and this glove provides this feature.


  • It has a thermal lining to offer firefighters with optimum protection from the heat radiation and flames.

  • It comes with inserts to provide better dexterity in the palm, especially when rescuing someone.

  • It has extra thermal protection integrated at the back part of the glove for more protection from the heat.

  • It has a 3D design to enable you to have a better grip and tactility.

  • It has curved fingers and thumb to ensure that all parts of your hand are protected during firefighting operations.


  • This pair of gloves is a bit expensive which might be uncomfortable for some people to buy.

#7. Shelby Firefighters Gloves

Shelby Firefighters Gloves are designed for firefighters and they are made up of pigskin leather to make it tough and durable. If there is another pair of gloves with proven dexterity, then Shelby gloves are one of them. It has double thickness, particularly in parts around the thumbs.

The pigskin leather provides the necessary strength and it will withstand several uses of rescue fire activities. It’s designed to prevent hot fire residues from getting inside the glove, meaning that your hands are always protected.

It fits perfectly to your hand to enable you to move your hand effortlessly and freely. This is an ideal glove for the firefighters who are on the lookout for gloves that provide great performance and protection.


  • It’s made from pigskin leather to provide it with durability and maximum protection.

  • It’s waterproof glove which means it can be used in all types of conditions such as rain.

  • It has a double thickness to ensure that your hands are protected.

  • It has a proper fitness to your hand, which is important when handling fire.


  • It doesn’t have a proper thermal lining, making it not completely safe for use during fierce fires.

#8. Precinct Protective Glove

The Precinct Protective Glove provides maximum hand protection while providing you with comfort. With its fire-resistant properties, this glove has great performance and it’s effective when used in the firefighting rescue missions.

It’s made from leather and high-quality fabrics to make it durable and strong, this will give you comfort knowing that your hands are safe when handling with blazing fires.

The inner lining is made of the Kevlar material which is fireproof, so you can rest be assured that no harm is going to happen to your hands. Both the firefighters and law enforcers enjoy using this glove because it’s versatile which makes it possible to be used in various tasks.


  • It’s designed to fit the shape of your hand, providing you with ultimate comfort and protection.

  • The back of the glove is made from polyester material to provide extra softness and comfort.

  • The leather material ensures that it’s long-lasting so that you can use it for a long time.

  • The inner lining is fireproof to ensure that your hand is safe from heat radiation and flames.

  • It can be used in various activities because it’s a versatile glove.


  • The leather material is durable but might not be able to last long if used continuously in extreme situations, but that situation hardly arises so it’s still a good choice.


Firefighting gloves are made from various components which are intended to provide additional. The shell is usually constructed from either leather material or fabric. The leather is derived from animal skins including pigs, goats, cows, and elks, while Kevlar is mostly used as a fabric.

The barrier layer or the moisture layer is located inside the shell, and most gloves have the thermal lining combined with it to offer you better protection from the heat. All the best structural firefighting gloves reviewed above have the necessary reinforcements to make sure that they cannot be punctured.

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