How Long After Spraying Raid Is It Safe ?

If your home is infested by bugs and insects then to defend it from the attack of these bugs you will have to use certain effective insecticide like RAID, a Defense system from bugs that includes a combination of products that help you in fighting with bugs smartly not harshly. You can use RAID to attack the bugs, control their infestation and prevent their entry in your home easily. But before spraying RAID you must know how long after spraying RAID is it safe to enter into your home or room. The information provided in this write-up will help you to know a lot in this regard.

Why spray RAID?

It is convenient to spray insecticides like RAID as it helps the homeowners to defend his home from the invasions of pests and insects by laying down a defensive layer of an effective insecticide. RAID is preferably used for this purpose because it is a strong insecticide that can not only control the infestation of existing pests and insects but also prevents their infestation in the future.

While spraying it the homeowner has to focus on certain areas which are prime hiding places of the insects like cracks and crevices in walls and wooden installations, behind and under the appliances and sinks, in child-proof pantries and cabinets and behind and under the furniture. Though it is easy to spray such insecticides quickly in the home or in a specific room but the users should also be aware of the dangers of these defensive steps. It can also be used by the homeowners to get rid of the attacks of hornets and wasps as it can kill them even while building their nests near or in your home.

how long after spraying raid is it safe for babies

But if you have babies and pets in your home then before praying Raid you must know how long after spraying raid is it safe for babies as it can be harmful to babies and pet if not sprayed carefully. It can be dangerous for them if the chemicals in it are ingested by them. It can cause irritation in the throat, lungs and, nose even if it is inhaled accidentally. It can cause a respiratory problem if inhaled like wheezing, coughing burning or itching on skin, dizziness, and headache due to the presence of chemicals like cypermethrin and prallethrin in it. It can also be dangerous for the central nervous system of the children if inhaled in high quantity. For this reason, one should also be careful while storing the remaining RAID. Even if it is packed safely you should store it out-of-reach of the pets and children every time after use.

Harmful effects of exposure to RAID

RAID is an effective insecticide that can control the infestation of almost all types of insects, roaches, ants and bugs usually found in every household all over the world. It is a combination of a number of active ingredients like cypermethrin, imiprothrin, pyrethroids and pyrethrins etc. some of these insecticides are natural and some synthetic. This combination of natural and synthetic elements it becomes highly toxic for honeybees, fish and other insects also.

According to the reports submitted by the Toxicology Data Network of National Library of Medicine, cypermethrin, one of the active ingredients of RAID, can cause congestion, coughing and shortness of breath as well as trigger the attack of wheezing and asthma if exposed for a longer time. This ingredient can also cause a hypersensitive reaction that in turn can cause pulmonary edema or pneumonitis.

The inhalation of the second active ingredient, imiprothrin, can also cause dizziness, sneezing, headache and irritation is airways. The cases of cardiac arrest and paralysis in the respiratory system have also been noticed due to exposure to this ingredient but they are rare.

Raid can also cause a harmful reaction on the skin if it comes in direct contact to this insecticide. After spraying RAID the user must wash his exposed skin with water and soap to remove the remaining effect of the insecticide from it. If irritation on skin persists even after washing it thoroughly then you should see your doctor immediately.

Thus RAID can be harmful to children and pets if not sprayed carefully or if enter the room or home when it is not safe. So to keep children and pets safe you should follow safe practices.

Safe practices to spray RAID

While spraying insecticides like RAID one should be careful about inhaling it. In order to avoid inhaling RAID, you should wear the long pants, long sleeved shirt, gloves, shoes, goggles and a dust mask to protect your lungs, eyes and skin from coming in direct contact with the harmful chemicals of the insecticide. After spraying RAID you should instantly wash your water and soap to get rid of its harmful effects. You should change the clothes and the clothes exposed to insecticide spray should be washed with detergent and hot water.

However, before spraying this pesticide you send pets and kids to another room in the home or play at any other place. You should also know how long after spraying Raid can you enter a room. It is safe to spray RAID when pets and kids are not around the place where you are spraying it. After spraying the insecticide you should allow it to dry it completely before entering again into the treated area.

Read the label

In order to know how long does it take for Raid to dry you should read its label before spraying this pest control system. If you are using something different from RAID for this purpose then its precautions and instruction to use can also be different. So it is necessary to read its label before applying it in your home or room to get rid of all types of pests and insects.

After spraying RAID you should allow it to dry with air. You should close the room for at least 15 minutes and then ventilate it thoroughly to remove its harmful effects in the air before re-entering the room. In case of kids and pets you should follow the instructions provided on its label. However, before ventilating the room, you should ensure that its windows and doors are safely protected by a screen to avoid re-infestation of insects in your home.

Thus while spraying RAID in your home to get rid of all types of insects and bugs you must know how long after spraying RAID is it safe to enter again into your home or room.

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