Is it safe to leave a humidifier on all night

Humidifiers are actually one kind of appliance that can add moisture to the air of a house by producing enough water vapour. The humidifiers are mainly used in homes, offices and hospital as well. In the time of winter the air of your house get drier. At that time, the humidifier will help you to add needed moisture to the air. There are many people who have the question that is it safe to leave a humidifier on all night.

High humidity level means the high moisture level. But generally at night, the temperature of the room gets cold. Due to the fall of the temperature, the air of the room gets drier. At that time, the humidifier helps you to restore the moisture as well. But due to the humidifier, the people get affected.

  • It is dangerous for the people who may suffer with asthma and respiratory problem.

  • If you suffer from irritating nose, throat and eyes, then you will have to lower the level of the humidifier.

You can simply reduce the level of humidifier in order to improve the discomfort. It can also control the spread of mold and mildew.

Benefits of sleeping with humidifier:

But there are too many benefits of sleeping with humidifier as well. These are as follows:

1. Improving sleep:

With humidifier, you can get the finest sleep. The dry air can cause for the dry sinus and throat as well. So, sleeping with humidifier can moisture the level of your room and improve your respiratory system.

2. Reduce the infection risk:

Dry nose and throat can also give the possibility of infection. The humidifier can prevent this possibility as well.

3. Reduce the electricity bill during winter:

Humid air is hotter than the dry air. So, you can lower the setting of the heater when you put on the humidifier. It can give you the benefits of low cost electricity bills.

Some tips to maintain the humidifier for long run:

For best and long running performance, you should do all these:

  • You will have to keep the humidifier and water clean.

  • You should refill the humidifier with distilled or demineralized water.

  • You will have to place the humidifier at the right place, especially on the hard surface.

  • You should also maintain the humidity level. You should not put it on the high level. You should keep it in between 30-50%.

  • You should dry it during the day time for preventing the mold.

  • You should also dry, clean and empty the humidifier before going to a long vacation.

These tips will be very much helpful and effective in order to get the long running benefits of the humidifier. So, you can put on the humidifier at night for better and restful night. But you will have to practice these tips in order to avoid the risks. Overall, humidifiers are safe for your house use. You can put it on at night and get a comfortable sleep.

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