Is it safe to wash baby bottles in the dishwasher?

Babies require a lot of feedings. Therefore, a lot of stuff needs to be cleaned as well before the next feeding. So baby bottles are one of the most necessary tools in infant feeding. And washing baby bottles is an extremely important chore as the baby’s immune system is not fully developed which makes him more vulnerable to viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi from the outside environment. It needs to be done properly to ensure your little one stays safe and healthy. How are you going to wash the baby bottles effectively and safely to ensure that they are clean and ready for your next feeding? Using dishwashers is a tempting choice for doing this task quickly. However, is it safe to wash baby bottles in the dishwasher? Here is the answer for you if you are still unsure about it.

If your baby bottles are labeled dishwasher safe, then you are certainly able to wash them both by hand and dishwasher.​

Cleaning your baby bottle process

First, separate the bottles into individual parts: caps, nipples, sealing rings, valves, etc. This is the same process for washing by hand or washing in a dishwasher.

Each part should be rinsed thoroughly under running water before you load them into the dishwasher. Milk or any milk particles can easily get trapped and sometimes the dishwasher cannot remove easily.

Then place the nipple, lid and the bottle in the dishwasher top section as the dishwasher will wash items put in the top more gently than those in the bottom. You can use a dishwasher basket to keep the nipple and sippy cup lids in the dishwasher to keep them from being destroyed by slipping between the gaps in the dishwasher tray. It has clips to keep the nipple upright during the washing and prevent small parts from falling to the dishwasher bottom.

The dishwashing is hot water using cycle so that the machine can kill germs on washed items; therefore you should ensure that your baby bottles are dishwasher safe to withstand the dishwasher sanitation cycle. Run the hot-water cycle and heated drying cycle. Some machines have a sanitizing setting.

​After completing the washing cycle, you should let your baby bottles dry completely inside the dishwasher before taking them out for storage. Moisture can be trapped inside and microbial growth can be fostered if the bottles are still wet as assembling. You also need to sterilize your baby bottles before drying them and putting them away.

It is also important to remember washing your hands before you remove the baby bottles from the dishwasher.​

Things to remember when using a dishwasher

While washing your baby bottles in the dishwasher makes it much simpler and more convenient for you, there are some things you should keep in mind:


You should not clean your baby bottles with dishes containing food which is capable of staining such as pasta sauce. It is easily get splattered over your baby bottles during the washing process under the high temperature, leading to stained bottles and nipples.

Bottle placement

You need to place your baby bottles carefully in the dishwasher. The best way to do this is by placing them with the opening face down so you will have an effective cleaning. During the process, the bottles need to be secure and avoid falling over during the process. If it falls, you will then need to sterilize it.

Damaged and discolored

If you often use a dishwasher for cleaning your baby bottles, then you should be aware of the fact that they will be damaged more quickly than washing by hand. Discoloration of baby bottles also indicates baked milk fats during insufficient rinsing, watering process. The high temperature may also damage your baby bottles.

Your baby depends highly on bottles for their nourishment before moving to the next stage of life. Hence, proper cleaning your feeding bottles is an important thing that you should not overlook but should be handled properly. The choice of cleaning is yours. Whatever cleaning method you choose, remember to do it safely not just effectively. The fundamental thing is to clean the baby bottle immediately after using, washing and rinsing thoroughly, then drying completely for the next feeding.

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