Is Mamaroo Safe for Newborns?

There is nothing babies love more than bouncing and swaying, and Mamaroo provides exactly that. It’s designed for babies who weigh up to 25 pounds or until they can sit up on their own.

Mamaroo is comprised of five various motion settings that you can adjust to control movements. It soothes and comforts babies, they can sleep in them, and they can stare and play with the attached toy mobile. Here is what you need to know about Mamaroo and its safety for newborns.

Small footprint

One of the many reasons why mothers love Mamaroo is the fact that it is small in size. This is a suitable newborn swing if you have limited space in your home. Many other swings available on the market need a huge amount of space, making it inconvenient for people who have small spaces in their house.

Because the Mamaroo baby swing has a small base size and low profile, it’s easy for you to place it in storage or on a corner when it’s not in use. If you live in an apartment or you like minimalist lifestyle, probably this swing is the best one for you and your baby.

The Mamaroo also provides convenience when it comes to weight. This is especially true if you live in a home with more than one story. It’s lightweight so that you can move the swing from one place to another without any problem. If your baby relies on Mamaroo for sleep, you can move it upstairs during bedtime and downstairs when it’s daytime.

The soothing device

Mamaroo was designed to imitate the natural bouncing and swaying of parents. It has movements similar to a gentle motion from one side to the other. The swing features 5 different motion settings ideal for soothing your baby.

You can adjust the speed of the swing so that your baby gets used to the swing after taking them away from your body. Even better, the Mamaroo comes with a built-in MP3 plugin to enable you to play soothing songs for your little one.

Is the Mamaroo safe for newborns?

Safety is the number one priority for Mamaroo. It has a three-point harness to keep your newborn strapped. There are also extra accessories that give more safety such as the infant insert to provide support to your baby’s head and body.

The 4moms who are manufacturers of Mamaroo advise parents to use this swing on babies who are between 5 pounds and 25 pounds. It should not be used on little ones who can sit up unassisted or babies who try to climb out.

Many doctors and nurses are convinced that Mamaroo is effective and safe for babies. No wonder, this swing is available in various hospitals to soothe sick babies.

Mamaroo comes with a seat that reclines to 47 degrees. This helps you to adjust it to a suitable position ideal for your newborn. With a toy mobile and removable and reversible toy balls included, it provides your baby some objects to stare at or play with. If you find that the toy mobile is inconvenient for your infant, you can move it out of the way or remove it entirely from the Mamaroo baby swing.

4moms mamaRoo 4 Baby Swing

4moms mamaRoo 4 Baby Swing has a seat that bounces up and down and it also sways from one side to the other to imitate what the parents do when soothing their babies. It has 5 different motion settings, such as a car ride and five unique different speeds. This swing comes with built-in sounds or you can choose to connect it to your MP3 player to get your favorite music.

It has a seat that reclines to various positions to enable your little one lie on their back while relaxing or sit up and play with the toy mobile. The overhead toy mobile comes with interactive and reversible toy balls to keep your baby’s attention with its sound. Infants also love to stare at the reflective mirror ball, ensuring that they have something to keep them busy.

The swing is Bluetooth enabled to help you control its motions, speed, sound, and volume from any smart device that is compatible without interrupting your newborn.

If you are looking for a newborn seat to comfort, entertain, and soothe your baby, then 4moms mamaRoo 4 Baby Swing is the best option for you. It has machine-washable seat fabric to make it easy for you to clean it. It has an AC adaptor, therefore, you don’t need batteries to operate it. The swing is ideal for newborns from birth up to 25 pounds or when the little ones can sit up on their own.


  • Babies love this swing as it soothes, comfort, and entertain them.

  • The swing has great design and smooth motions to enable little ones to sleep.

  • It has 5 different motion settings.

  • It comes with a toy mobile to keep your baby busy playing.


  • It might look pricey to some but the quality makes up for the money you spend.

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