Is Vicks Plug Safe for Baby?

Parents want the best for their babies, and illness can be the worst nightmare in their lives. It might be uncomfortable for you to give your children medication, but sometimes, it’s the only solution to help them recover from illnesses such as persistent cough.

When you see that your baby won’t stop coughing, probably it’s time to administer medication. However, is the Vicks plug safe for a baby? This article will look at the various aspects of the Vicks plug and if it’s safe to use on babies.

How to use Vicks

Most people use Vicks as an alternative way of taking in oral medications or as part of treatment for colds and congestion. Vicks is considered as a topical ointment and you can apply it on your skin.

Parents usually apply Vicks BabyRub on their child’s neck, chest, or upper back. However, it should never be used anywhere near the face and the person might wish to cover the treated part with a warm cloth.

Otherwise, loose clothing is advised so that there can be enough airflow. Some parents prefer to apply it to their babies’ feet and cover them with socks.

The Vicks plug has many benefits to everyone including children with cold symptoms. Most of these products have menthol, camphor, and eucalyptus oils that improves the symptoms of cold and help kids who have upper respiratory problems.

The Vicks Plug is a safe and easier way to help ease congestion, and it allows children to breathe freely while sleeping. The vapor penetrates your nostril passages to help you get comfortable.

Can you use Vicks plug on a baby?

Although there are a limited number of studies that have examined if Vicks is safe for babies, other studies have concluded that the product is effective at treating sleeping problems, congestion, and coughs. Most people use Vicks BabyRub for infants under the age of 2 years old but who are older than 3 months.

You can also find Vicks VapoPads that you can use to your humidifier or vaporizer to help you relieve congestion, cold, and cough.

These pads are non-medicated, work quickly, and are even safe for newborn babies, meaning they can enjoy a night’s sleep. Vicks provides various types of humidifiers and vaporizers, that have soothing properties. You can use these if you want the scent of menthol to ease the congestion and soothe your baby.

Vicks Advanced Soothing Vapors Waterless Vaporizer

Vicks Advanced Soothing Vapors Waterless Vaporizer has a night light and VapoPads designed to relieve discomfort from colds and flu. You can plug this Vicks Waterless Vaporizer into an outlet in your home and enjoy the Vicks vapor with its soothing power.

It has non-medicated menthol scent. It gives you a soft glow nightlight suitable when you are having a sleepless night. This plugin waterless vaporizer is ideal for both adults and children.

When your child is sick from cold, they can have problems sleeping during the night. Therefore, this waterless vaporizer releases non-medicated and soothing vapors. Steam and humidity provide temporary relief from congestion and cough because of colds allergies.


  • They are effective for children who have a cough or congestion.

  • It’s suitable for use when kids have allergies, congestion, or a cough.

  • It offers you the option of using one or two vapor pads.

  • The vapor can work up to 6 hours


  • The refills are pretty expensive but worth it.

Final thoughts

It’s a nightmare when you have a child who has a cough and nasal congestion and can’t sleep at night. Fortunately, the Vicks plug offers you the best option for your child to have a comfortable night. This is a safe product that will relieve your little one from colds and flu as it’s non-medicated. It’s also easy to use ensuring that you don’t have to spend a lot of time figuring out how to operate it.

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