Major ways of purifying water before consuming it

One cannot stress enough that how much water is important because all living creatures need them to survive. The life in planet only sustains because it has water and over the 70 percent of the earth’s surface contains water but most of them are not of human consumption.

When it comes to drinking water, then one should always concentrate on drinking purified water because one’s quality of overall health completely depends on the amount of water and the quality of water that they drink regularly. And people who do not drink sufficient amount if water can suffer from dehydration, constipation, migraine, fatigue and constipation.

Why is it Important to purify the water?​

This is because one should not drink water if they are available from just any source. The source of the water here is very important because it tells a lot about the quality of the water and what effect it can have in the body. When one talks about countries like India, then most of the tap water that is available is totally unfit for consumption. That is why; many people in this country due every year due to water borne diseases. There is also lack of proper planning to treat the available water healthily. The only choice here is to purify the water before one drinks it. Though tap water may look very clean and clear, it contains a lot of impurities in it. They have harmful particles and when one consumes it, there are chances that one would get seriously ill. Hence, drinking purified water completely makes sense. The easiest way to purify water is to rely on a good water purifying machine. One can buy online water purifier as there are lot of models and machines available in the market.

Apart from that, there are some other alternative methods of purifying the water. Here are some as follows:

Boiling Water

It is the simplest and the most obvious method of purifying water. Anyone can adopt and afford this method. If one is at home, they use tap water for cooking and also for drinking but it is always a good idea to boil the water first at high temperature. By boiling, all the microorganisms like, virus, parasites and bacteria get killed that are present in the tap water. Then one can cool it down again to room temperature before drinking.


In order to treat water before consumption many people use liquid household chlorine. One should always keep in mind the fact that the concentration of chlorine should be used with the right amount of water. This should be never exceed the quantity of water that is needed to be treated. The only negative part of this method is that it leaves a bad taste in mouth.


This another very effective way of purifying water. This particular process involves a lot of physical and chemical process and one can purify the water through filtration to make it safe for consumption. Filtration can help in removing the large and small compounds and also some dangerous contaminants which can be not good for health at all. Water filters are available in the market which one can use on a regular basis.


It is a scientific process where first the water is heated at its lower boiling point and then it is collected in its pure form as it is vaporised. This vapour is then connected to a condenser and then in turn the water is collected for drinking purpose. This may look like a very authentic process but this one is a slow process of purification. It can treat the germs and bacteria present in the water but it is actually a costly affair.

Water Purifier

These machines have become very popular in the market and they are very much necessary as well. It can also be referred to a one stop solution when it comes to water purification. This water purifier is being installed in most of the houses, offices and other commercial areas these days and they are available in various models and features in the market. According to survey, one should go for RO water purifiers because they are best suited for home and office.

Filtration through Clay Vessels

In many parts of India and other countries, clay vessels are considered to be suitable for storing and even filtering water. A highly porous clay pot or a container can be used in order to purify the muddy water. Clay vessels are great to bring out the purity in water.

Reverse Osmosis

Few years ago RO purification was mostly used for the industrial purposes and commercial purposes, but now this process of purification has become the most common and reliable one. This is used as a popular method of purifying water at homes and this process forces water through a semi permeable membrane to remove the contaminants present in them.

Water Purification Tablets

The main composition of these tablets are either iodine or chlorine dioxide. They can kill a lot of bacteria, micro organisms that are present in water. One has to leave it in the water for 30 minutes so that they can purify the water. Though these tablets can leave an unpleasant taste in water and some odour but still may people try to use it. But according to studies they are not much successful in removing the impure agents in water. So this method is not 100 percent approved.

Solar Distillation

In this form of distilling, the water is primarily heated up using the heat of the sun. When the water evaporates because of the heat the pure form of water is collected and then it is used for drinking purposes.


It is a substance that can kill virus and bacteria present in water. This is a very strong disinfectant which can be more effective than filtration.


These are the major ways that one can use to filter their water before consuming it. Filtering and purifying of water is necessary because it can keep one healthy and sound and saves one from all the water borne diseases.

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