Have Babies In Homes? – How To Kill Roaches Safely?

Cockroaches are extremely nasty and tough to rid pests. Hence, it is important to keep them away from your home. While there pesticides and other harsh ways of exterminating these pests, it may not work properly in all homes. When you have children and pets in homes, it may not be safe to use these kinds of chemicals and synthetic substances to get rid of pests. Hence, you have to find alternative ways to address the problem effectively but at the same time without compromising the safety of babies and young children. Hence, we will try and list down a few safe roach killer for babies. These could help in addressing the problem but at the same time, as parents, you will not be compromising on the safety of the children and babies under any circumstances.

Electronic Repeller​

These are perhaps recent inventions of technology but are considered to be quite effective when it comes to handling cockroaches, mosquitoes and other such pests in homes. They send out high velocity sounds and signals. These are not heard by the normal human hearing systems. But they can be heard by insects and the frequency is so high that they get disturbed by it. They move out in all directions and escape from the vicinity of such high frequency waves and sounds. While many homes consider this as a safe way to remove pests like cockroaches from homes, they come with their own share of problems. The effect, according to many customers, wears off after a few days because the pests become used to the high frequency waves and sounds. However, they could be effective if they are used sparingly.

Cockroach Baits​

They may not be considered to the ideal safe roach killer for babies but when used intelligently, they could work well. You could place them at places that completely out of reach for children and babies. Further, they also should be placed in areas where cockroaches visit for food, and also for sheltering. This is a reasonably safe way of getting rid of cockroaches because it is totally free of harmful chemicals and other substances that are pumped into homes. These send out toxic fumes that could be harmful to babies and also pets.

Boric Acid​

This is another sensible and safe way to get rid of cockroaches. While they are not exactly toxic for human beings, they also cannot be considered to be the safest option for kids. However, they are devastating as far as cockroaches are concerned. All that you need to do is to place small amounts of boric acid in crevices and other places where cockroaches tend to live. You will be amazed that you could have dozens of cockroaches lying dead after a few hours.

Adhesive Tapes

This is another safe and easy way to get rid of cockroaches in homes where there are babies. They are free from chemicals and synthetic compounds. They can be set up easily. If they are kept in places where cockroaches move around, you will find them getting stuck to the tapes and then you could dispose the cockroaches easily. However, be sure that the tapes are kept out of reach of babies because their inquisitiveness could get the better of them and they could end touching the tapes. If that happens, it could be a major problem.

Coffee Ground Jar Traps

This is yet another effective and safe way to get rid of cockroaches in homes with babies. These insects love coffee and would be attracted to it. you could use a combination of coffee seeds and water. The cockroaches will get attracted to the coffee beads but they also will get submerged and get stuck in the water. You can collect the trapped cockroaches and dispose them off in the morning.

Intelligent Cockroach Trap

This is the latest cockroach trap that is considered to be intelligent and highly effective. It is non-toxic and eco friendly and is from the house of Henslow. The unique design with two layers of entrance makes it quite effective. The trap is laden with biscuits and other enticements. The cockroaches get into it but the traps will close and they will not be able to get out. They do not need electricity and the bait that is used is also convenient. It comes with four large entry points from where cockroaches can get in quite easily. It is considered to be one of the safest and effective ways to trap roaches in homes where you have babies and young infants.

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